Microsoft is killing the Windows 11 'Tips' app, will be removed in a future OS update

Windows 11 Tips app
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has added its Tips app for Windows 11 to the list of deprecated features.
  • This means the Tips app is no longer being developed, and will be removed in the future.
  • The Get Help app is remaining, and will likely become the destination for learning how to use Windows.

Microsoft has added another in-box app to the list of deprecated Windows 11 features, this time in the form of the Windows 11 Tips app. The Tips app has historically been the place to go whenever a new Windows 11 feature update is released to learn about what's new.

Starting this month, the app is officially listed as deprecated, but Microsoft says it will continue to be updated with new content for as long as the app is preloaded in Windows. The company will likely remove the Tips app from the next major Windows 11 feature update, which is expected to ship in the summer of next year.

The Tips app is just the latest in a long list of apps that Microsoft has decided to deprecate. In September, Microsoft revealed that it would be deprecating WordPad in favor of Notepad, and a month before that it announced that Cortana was being deprecated in favor of Copilot.

And it doesn't end there, as we know Microsoft is also planning to deprecate the Windows 11 Mail & Calendar apps in 2024, replacing them with the new web-based Outlook client. It seems Microsoft is on a cleaning spree when it comes to in-box Windows 11 apps, removing many old or unused apps and replacing them with modern alternatives. 

In regard to a replacement to the Tips app, Microsoft hasn't said what it considers a replacement. Windows 11 already has a built in "Get help" app, which could become the new destination for new users looking to learn about what's new in a latest update. Microsoft may also just refer users to online documentation in the future. 

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    I can honestly say I had no idea this was a thing. It has never popped up or made itself known in anyway.