Microsoft Store can now show more than 2,000 reviews for any app or game

Microsoft Store Windows11 October 2021
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What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Store can now display more than 2,000 reviews per product.
  • A technical limitation restricted the number of reviews that could be displayed previously, but that has since been fixed.
  • Microsoft Principal Architect lead of the Microsoft Store Rudy Huyn shared the news on Twitter.

Before this week, the Microsoft Store could not display more than 2,000 reviews per product. That has since changed, thanks to a fix from the team behind the store. Microsoft Principal Architect lead of the Microsoft Store Rudy Huyn shared the news on Twitter.

The cap on displayed reviews was caused by an "old technical limitation," according to Huyn. The issue has since been fixed, allowing more reviews to appear within the Microsoft Store. Huyn shared examples of games with 66,000, 219,000, and 536,000 reviews. Needless to say, those are far above the previous cap.

"An old technical limitation prevented the #MicrosoftStore from displaying more than 2,000 reviews per product in the past, this is something we had to fix and we are now very glad to announce that this limitation is finally gone," said Huyn.

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Following the update from the Microsoft Store team, it should be easier to determine the best Windows apps and best PC games based on reviews. People looking to buy an app or game can have a fair level of confidence when getting an app that has thousands of reviews and a high score. For example, Minecraft has 536,000 reviews and still holds a score of 4.5/5.

Microsoft showed a renewed commitment to the Microsoft Store when it announced Windows 11, and it continues to improve it regularly. Huyn earned a positive reputation for his third-party clients for Windows and then moved over to Dropbox. Huyn then joined Microsoft in 2019 as its principal architect lead of the Microsoft Store.

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