Windows Subsystem for Linux version 0.65.1 rolls out to all Insider rings

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What you need to know

  • The Windows Subsystem for Linux recently received an update to version 0.65.1.
  • The update will first roll out to Insiders in all rings and then will ship to everyone else at a later date.
  • WSL bumps to Linux kernel with the update and Microsoft.WSLg jumps to version

Microsoft just released an update to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that brings it to version 0.65.1. The new version is available to all Windows Insiders, regardless of which ring they are in. Once the update has received positive feedback and is assessed for quality, it will become generally available.

Ben Hillis, manager of the Linux on Windows team at Microsoft, shared news about the update on Twitter. They also specified that all Insiders would receive this build.

Here's everything that's new in WSL version 0.65.1, as outlined on GitHub:

  • Improvements to localhost relay to have better performance and accurately report bind failures.
  • Use /dev/ptp0 to keep guest chock in sync with the host
  • Improve the error message if the distro list can't be fetched and wire it to wsl.exe --list --online
  • Update Linux kernel to
    • Fix 9p filesystem regressions since the last v5.10 WSL2 kernel
    • Enable support for the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock device
    • Enable Retbleed mitigations in x86_64 builds
    • Enable nftables and traffic control
    • Enable VGEM driver
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg to version 1.0.41
    • WSLg: add default x11 bell sound
    • WSLg: Update /etc/wsl.conf to set the default user to wslg
    • WSLGd: add option to start weston under gdbserver
    • WSLGd: simplify weston command line construction
    • compositor: add wslgd-notify
    • compositor: Stop trapping SIGINT
    • compositor: load xwayland module last
    • rdp: resize margin adjustment for MoveWindow/SnapArrange PDU
    • rdpaudio: use pthread_cancel instead of pthread_kill
    • xwayland: give Xwayland its own session
    • xwayland: Don't track focus for override redirect windows

Our guide on how to install Linux WSL2 on Windows 10 and Windows 11 can help you out if you're new to using Linux on your Windows PC.

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