Software release notes hint at incoming RTX 40-series GPU lineup

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What you need to know

  • There's been much talk about the RTX 40-series of GPUs, including rumors regarding what models will be on offer and when they'll be available at retailers.
  • Various reports and leaks have helped fill in some of the unknowns, though not to an official capacity.
  • Now, release notes for a HWiNFO build have further cemented information derived from the aforementioned leaks, indicating what the upcoming wave of RTX 40-series GPUs will consist of.

Though PC gaming enthusiasts have likely been hearing various rumors and reports about NVIDIA's RTX 40-series GPUs for a while now, the "hard" evidence is mounting as leaks and third-party release notes start to paint a fuller picture of the situation.

Specifically, HWiNFO, a Windows-friendly hardware analysis and monitoring software solution, recently released a set of build notes that contained references to new NVIDIA GPUs (via Tom's Hardware). And not just any new GPUs. Apparently, the codenames referenced in HWiNFO's built notes line up with the names leaked as part of the Lapsus$ NVIDIA hack.

Nvidia 40 Series Leak

Source: Future (Image credit: Source: Future)

The fresh info from HWiNFO's notes implies there will be five Lovelace-based RTX 40-series GPUs to begin with (the GPUs starting with "AD"), ranging from a budget-friendly RTX 4050 to a not-at-all-budget-friendly RTX 4090. Though, as we've seen with the current PC gaming scene, even supposed "budget" cards are costing more than the MSRP of what the high-end ones are supposed to be priced at, so how the actual costs of the 40-series pan out is anyone's guess at this point.

At the very least, we now have an educated guess as to the size of the upcoming 40-series' debut range. Pair that with the rumored late 2022 release window, and it may be time to start saving pennies for the next wave of the best graphics cards.

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