Some Samsung PCs can now send and receive text messages through 4G LTE and 5G

Samsung Galaxy Book S
Samsung Galaxy Book S (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Select Samsung Windows 10 PCs can now send text messages through the Samsung Messaging app.
  • The Samsung Messaging app was recently spotted in the Microsoft Store.
  • The app's description says that it is for devices with 5G or 4G LTE connectivity.

Owners of select Samsung PCs running Windows 10 have a new feature that makes it easier to stay in touch with people. An app called "Samsung Messaging" was recently spotted in the Microsoft Store that allows you to send and receive SMS text messages from your PC. The app was first spotted and shared by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter.

The Samsung Messaging app only works for certain Samsung PCs. The app's description specifies that you need one of the following devices to run the app: "Galaxy TabPro S, Galaxy Book 10.6 LTE, Galaxy Book 12 LTE, Galaxy Book2, NT930QCA." The final entry, "NT930QCA," appears to be the Galaxy Flex2 5G. If you search that code on Samsung's website, you see listings for the Galaxy Flex2 5G.

The Galaxy Book2 is one of the best Samsung laptops you can buy right now, and it only gets better with the ability to send text messages.

The app's description reads:

Samsung Messaging can send and receive SMS text messages. The Microsoft People app can send SMS text messages to your contact's phone number. It is for devices capable of using mobile data (5G and 4G LTE).

There are other apps that allow you to relay messages from your smartphone through your PC, such as Microsoft's Your Phone, but the Samsung Messaging app seems to let you send them directly from your PC.

Some pieces of the app's listing suggest that it isn't quite finished, such as the fact that the Galaxy Flex2 5G is listed with a product code rather than its name. There's a good chance that Aggiornamenti Lumia spotted the app before Samsung intended people to see it.

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