Some thoughts about Windows 10 Technical Preview on the Surface Pro 3

Earlier today, Microsoft's new Windows 10 OS took its first baby steps into the wild through the Windows Insider Program, which lets users take an early look at the OS. Previously I mentioned how you can get back the Modern Start Screen instead of the new Start Menu, something that tablet and Surface owners will want to check out.

Now, I am doing a 10-minute video tour of Windows 10, including how it looks and runs on the Surface Pro 3.

Any issues on the Surface Pro 3?

There are not many, but there are a few. One that I have noticed is that the Surface Pen no longer unlocks and launches OneNote when the button is clicked. My Surface turns on, but the PIN lock screen shows up instead of a new OneNote page. I do not use the pen, so this is not a big loss for myself, but I know for others that it could be a big deal. Others have confirmed this behavior with me on Twitter.

Most Modern apps run just fine, but they are all 'Windowed' now, so you always see the Task Bar. Some also feel like they need to refresh more often. Not a huge deal, but not as elegant. The app Breaking News does not pull in feeds, and I cannot attach images to Tweetium or even Outlook (Modern), which is a big bummer. Clearly, there is something with the new File Picker that does not work well with Modern apps.

If you are not using the Type Cover with the Surface, you can still use the on-screen keyboard, but it does not auto-pop up with Modern apps. This behavior makes sense since Modern Apps now run on the desktop. Not a deal breaker but it does diminish the Surface in touch mode a bit.

Modern IE is nowhere to be found. Instead, there is just one Internet Explorer. It is too early to say if this is just because it is a technical preview, which is likely, or a rethinking of the browser situation on Windows. Regardless, you are running IE 11 and just IE 11 in Windows 10 for now.

Performance is solid on the Surface Pro 3 with the Windows Technical Preview, although on occasion there are some minor graphical glitches, especially with the multiple-desktop support (mostly screen flashes, refreshes).

Should you install the Windows Technical Preview?

If you are on a Surface, I would likely skip the Preview for now. The exception being that you do not use the Surface frequently, or do not mind the new compromises. Desktop PC and laptop users will certainly fair better. After all, this Preview is aimed at IT and desktop PC users, so it is not too surprising that the OS is not yet optimized for tablets.

Microsoft is promising many updates with the Preview and Windows 10 in general. In other words, things can only get better, and it will be very fascinating to see how the OS evolves over the coming months.

If you are still on the sidelines, make sure you hop into our Windows 10 forums. There you can chat with others about their experiences and get a better idea if this is for you or not!

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