Skydiving app uses the Microsoft Band 2's barometric sensor as a smart altimeter

The Microsoft Band 2 was the inspiration for a new third-party app designed to assist skydivers. Developer David Vescovi created an altimeter app that is designed to assist skydivers on when they should open their chutes.

Vescovi found the Microsoft Band 2 had a barometric pressure transducer sensor:

"Atmospheric pressure is one way of determining altitude and believe it or not it is remarkably accurate. As an avid skydiver, I thought it would be cool to develop an app that mimics my regular altimeter gear I use quite regularly. The pressure measurement technique has several advantages over using say GSP like quick update rates, the ability to zero to AGL (Above Ground Level) and the fact it does not rely on a satellite signal."

Microsoft Band 2 altimeter app and phone

The app that he created even includes a way for the Microsoft Band 2 to vibrate when its time to pull the ripcord. He has posted the code for the app on GitHub for any developer to check out and perhaps improve. He added:

"Of course this is just a proof of concept now but could be expanded to incorporate more advanced features like total freefall time, freefall speed, opening altitude etc.features found in some of the more advanced (and expensive) skydiving equipment. The other sensors, like the accelerometer and gyro can also be incorporated to calculate things like glide-slope, a parameter of particular interest to the wing-suit skydiving community."

Thanks to Rod Trent for the tip!

Source: Embedded101

John Callaham