Someone made a LEGO Superhot VR and now I want a sequel more than ever

Lego Superhot VR
Lego Superhot VR (Image credit: u/jackk3304 on Reddit)

When you experience something as amazing as Superhot VR, it's nearly impossible not to want more. The unique time-stopping mechanics that define Superhot work unbelievably well in VR, as time moves when you do and it encourages players to scope out the area with their eyes and heads before moving their fists and blindly jumping into the action. The game has made its way onto our top VR games lists more than once, and seeing this amazing LEGO set conjures up thoughts of what could possibly make an appearance in the next Superhot VR title.

While the team is still feverishly working away on the rogue-like expansion SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, plenty of folks have been clamoring for more white-and-red VR action in a more involved way. Thankfully, for those of us that have a longing desire to return to the world of Superhot, the developers haven't counted out a possible sequel or expansion to the incredibly popular title. After all, the VR version of the game made $2 million in a single week during the Holiday 2019 time period, and it's clear that plenty of folks love the ideas put forth in the game.

So what can we expect, going forward? Realistically, some form of MIND CONTROL DELETE could be added to the VR version of Superhot, but it would take a fair bit of modification if the current style of play in Superhot VR is maintained. Alternatively, now that VR gamers are used to walking around virtually and all major VR systems support roomscale VR natively, there's little reason the real meat of the main game can't make its way to your favorite virtual reality platform.


Source: Superhot (Image credit: Source: Superhot)

At this juncture of time, we've got plenty of examples of successful shooters and full-length games that translate perfectly into the VR space. The non-VR version of Superhot features full-sized levels with guns, katanas, platforming, and plenty of other elements that fill the spaces in-between what is experienced in the standing-only VR version.

The biggest hang-up is likely the developer's size, which is focused solely on Superhot's future development and is busy spending its cash funding other development studios to provide for the indie gaming market, at large. Could we see a true VR sequel to Superhot? The likelihood is incredibly high, given the success of the original, and it's hopeful that the game will include enhanced mechanics and additional content that we're seeing from the development of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE.

While it's less likely that we'll get a real LEGO version of the VR game, we've seen LEGO partner with plenty of other properties in the past, so we wouldn't put it past them to do it. Plus, given the fact that enemies explode into little triangles in the current version of the game, exchanging that triangular aesthetic for a brick one certainly wouldn't be far-fetched.

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