Song of Iron officially brings gorgeous Norse action to Xbox and PC on August 31, 2021

Song Of Iron Image
Song Of Iron Image (Image credit: Joe Winter)

What you need to know

  • Song of Iron is one of many games being developed in partnership with ID@Xbox, and comes from solo developer Joe Winter (Resting Relic).
  • The game has looked amazing at every step of its development, and now it finally has an official release date: Aug. 31, 2021.
  • Song of Iron explores Norse mythology and follows a broken hero as he attempts to save his people with the help of the gods.
  • Song of Iron is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, but isn't confirmed for an Xbox Game Pass release.

One of the most exciting game projects we've been following is Song of Iron, a breathtakingly beautiful action-adventure game from solo developer Joe Winter (Resting Relic) and ID@Xbox. After a long series of developer updates showcasing the amazing journey this game has taken, Resting Relic's debut game finally has a release date. Song of Iron officially releases on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC on Aug. 31, 2021.

If the release date announcement wasn't exciting enough for you, there's also a brand-new trailer for Song of Iron to check out, too.

Song of Iron follows the journey of a weary warrior as he travels in search of the gods. His only wish is to save his people and be free of his heavy burden, and to do so, he must battle through armies of monsters and men. A side-scrolling action-adventure game, everything we've seen of Song of Iron looks intense and brutal. Now, Song of Iron is just around the corner, and is even available to preorder for Xbox consoles.

Song of Iron is an Xbox console exclusive, but unfortunately has not been confirmed for release on Xbox Game Pass. The developer has expressed interest in bringing his game to Xbox Game Pass, so the possibility still exists (especially if enough people share this interest). You can find even more info on this incredible-looking game on the Song of Iron website. It may be a little too early to say for certain, but Song of Iron may make it to our list of best Xbox games.

If you're interested in preordering Song of Iron ahead of its official release on Aug. 31, you can find the link below.

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