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Spect, an out of this world shooter for Windows 10

Spect is an arcade style space shooter that is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The game is one of survival where you have to battle your way through an endless wave of enemy ships, asteroids and other dangers.

Graphics have a slight 1980's arcade feel and gameplay is somewhat challenging, mainly from the quick pace. While available for both PC and Mobile, the Mobile version has a fatal bug that prevents you from moving your ship around the screen. On the plus side, the PC version relies on keyboard controls and has the potential of being a decent time waster of a game.

Spect sends you ahead in time to the year 2255 where you have to defend the earth from an invading army called Ominus. You take the battle to the depths of space to obliterate your enemy and survive as long as you can.


So the good news is that Spect for Windows 10 PC is a fun, arcade game that reminds me of the 1980's styled video games. The bad news is that the Windows 10 Mobile version of the game has a fatal bug that prevents touchscreen controls from functioning. This renders the game unplayable with no way to fire your weapons or steer out of the way of an incoming asteroid.

The Windows 10 PC version does have the option of keyboard controls that will give you a fighting chance without the need for touchscreen controls.


Your primary menu will outline your keyboard controls with the option to jump into gameplay. The gaming screen is laid out with minimal controls and stats displayed, leaving more room for the gaming graphics.

At the bottom of the screen you will find a small panel with your weapons and shield controls and across the top of the display, you will find your score, a mute sound button and a pause button. Gaming controls from the keyboard has your main gun controlled by the spacebar, flight controls are handled by the directional arrows or WASD keys, missile fire is handled by the Q button and press your E key for shields.

In theory, for touchscreen devices, you should be able to tap/hold the screen to fire your main gun, slide your finger around the screen to move the ship and tap the missile and shield controls at the bottom of the screen to activate those features.


The pace of gameplay starts out at a decent clip and the longer you survive, the faster the pace of play becomes. Your ship can take a few hits from enemy fire or from slamming into an asteroid but in the end, too much damage will be catastrophic and your ship will explode in a blaze of glory.

Overall, Spect is a decent arcade game for Windows 10. The graphics have that 1980's feel and the pace of play offers a nice level of challenge. The biggest hurdle the game has is with the bug preventing touchscreen controls from functioning.

The game is mildly appealing when played from a laptop or Surface tablet but Spect is better suited for the smaller and more portable screen of a Windows Phone. Hopefully, whatever is causing this glitch can be easily fixed with the next update to the game. There is a trial version available for Spect with the full version costing $0.99 As is, you should take advantage of the trial version to make sure the game is to your liking and the touchscreen issues fixed before investing in the game.

Download Spect for Windows 10 PC and Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: Spect

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  • Doesn`t run on my 930, loads but can`t do anything, like touch is not working and tells me that Q/W are keys for powerups ..
  • Did you read nothing of the article? He talks about this bug on like five different places. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • I am very sorry about that Florin, we pulled the mobile version from the store because we are fixing this issue with the touch controls. For now its only playable on Windows 10 PC. Again I would like to apologize. (Tim- Freeman Technologies Support)      
  • Installed it on my phone and there is no way to even start the game as touch doesn't seem to work. No wonder it is "Built for Windows 10". I'm surprised why Microsoft even allows publishing apps like these. Never could happen in iOS or Android.
  • it happens there also :)
  • Of course it can and does happen on android and ios... Why wouldn't it? Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • Sounds like its on par with what one can normaly expect from Windows 10 Mobile/UWP. Not surprised this platform has gotten such a cold reception from the gaming industry.    
  • Really??! the gaming industry is the one receiving it the best. Of all apps published and downloaded, the highest percentage were games +640/Win10
  • Sorry about that, Loard Method Man, we are working on an immediate fix on the game for Windows 10 Mobile, for now its only available on the Windows Store for PCs and will be free this week.
  • Google does absolutely no checking of apps before they're published, and apple allowed a fake Minecraft 2 to get published.
  • I apologize @maktaba for the buggy experince on your device, we are working on an immeidate fix for the mobile version. For now you have to play on PC with the keyboard controls or mouse. The game will go for free this week on the Windows Store for others who tried the trial of the game and were plagued on the bad experince. Again I apologize about this, it is not our intent to release buggy apps and games, that's not what we do.
  • I doubt get why games doubt implement gamepad ok pc. A lot of pc owners use Xbox controller or a ps3 one that mimics xbox controller using software. Keyboard is decent for fps, but everything else needs gamepad. Though I prefer even fps with gamepad if it's done well.
  • I still waiting for the quality of something like DoDonPachi Maximum. I still have my Lumia 900 that has it preloaded on it. Nowadays you don't see shoot-em ups on windows phone which is a shame. That is probably the only reason for me to game on a mobile platform.
  • I had that game on my 800 too for about 20 seconds. Utter garbage. Just a blasting vomit fest of pixels. Couldn't see the appeal.
  • It is a genre that is not for everyone. But I enjoy for what it is and it passes the time. Other than that I really don't see the appeal of video gaming on a mobile platform. All you see are microtransactions and connect 3 nowadays pretty boring if you ask me.
  • Hmmm...Might try it, used to LOVE the shooters, Had a old Turbo-Duo and got games directly out of japan because they were so good.
  • Why even add this game here when the majority of Windows Mobile running on W10 is only 10% ?