Spoticast for Spotify gets Xbox-centric update with new interface, more

Spoticast, a third-party universal Spotify app, has snagged a pretty major overhaul that caters heavily to Xbox One users. As part of the update, a whole new interface has been added, optimized specifically for use with the Xbox One controller.

Thankfully, if you're using Spoticast on PC or Mobile, the old interface is still included as an option. Here's a quick rundown of what's new in Spoticast version 4.0 according to the release notes:

  • This is a major release with a fresh new interface optimized for XboxOne and gamepad. The old [hamburger menu + cursor navigation] interface is still available (switch in the Settings).
  • The new interface uses the new background audio model (switch automatically sound in the background, no need to select it).
  • The UI is designed for gamepad, with handy shortcuts (don't forget the hamburger button on the gamepad to open submenus). The remote control still works :)

Though the official Spotify app recently hit the Windows Store for the first time, it's only available for Windows 10 PCs — not Xbox One or Mobile. And though it's really a sort of mix of Spotify playlists and streaming from YouTube sources, it's good to see Spoticast is staying updated to fill in the gaps for Spotify fans.

In any case, you can grab the latest version of Spoticast for Spotify from the Windows Store now. If you're new to the app, you can try all of its features for free for a day, but the full app costs $10 after that.

Download Spoticast for Spotify from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • FINALLY! Great! The old interface was useless on Xbox. And I was using SpotiCast only because of the fact there is no official Spotify client on the Xbox (due to Sony's exclusivity deal).
  • I love the new interface, but hate how they changed the button controls.  Used to be able to skip songs with RB, but that no longer works, and a bunch of other controls changed.  I also like how the mobile app can be switched to or from the new UI.
  • Is the PlayStation Spotify app a timed exclusive, or for all eternity?
  • My guess would be forever, Sony has an exclusive partnership with Spotify that integrates PlayStation Music with Spotify.
  • I didn't know that. Anyway Spoticast is awesome, and does way more than filling the gap :-)
  • Use Groove. It is better except the lack of family plan.
  • but i read in the reviews in the store that it aint using the music from spotify, but from it real?