Spotify fielding interest for native Xbox One app for music

Late last night, Spotify hit version 5.0 for Windows Phone with an all new design. Although some people have mixed opinions on certain UI aspects, one thing for certain is that Spotify is a very popular music service for mobile.

The Xbox One lets users snap apps so that music can continue to play while you do others things on the gaming and entertainment console. Seeing as we now have Pandora for Xbox One in addition to Xbox Music, Spotify would seem like an ideal candidate.

On the official Spotify Ideas section for the streaming music company, customers can put forth new thoughts for the Spotify app and service. One idea, that is gaining traction, is one for an Xbox One Spotify app.

User CraigCannon put forward the idea back in November:

"I'm aware that a large majority of Spotify users won't be gamers but with Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One, do you think it'd be possible to get a Spotify app? Now that it's possible to multi-task and stream while you game the opportunity to gain new monthly subscribers is massive. It's already possible as seen with Microsoft's new service "Xbox Music" which features heavily in the new console. I know I'd definitely use the app if there was one. Anyone else?"

Interestingly, the Spotify team responded, changing the status "Good Idea, give it some kudos" with the following message:

"Hello everyone. Staff here. We're excited to see so many folks excited about this idea. We don't comment on any potential partnerships until they happen. Unlike other ideas, we can't promise kudos will lead to an implemented idea but please feel free to add your comments. We'll be sure to update this idea if and when we have more to say. Thanks for the idea!"

Apparently they cannot comment or commit to such an app, but they do at least seem open to the possibility, which is a good thing.

In short, if you would like Spotify for your Xbox One, it may not hurt to drop by with some 'kudos' for the idea and to share your comments on their site.

Just follow the link: Spotify Community

Thanks, Zapella T., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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