Spotify Xbox One update brings sleek overhaul with Cortana support

Spotify has just debuted its biggest overhaul since its Xbox One arrival, bringing a refreshed interface and new functionality to the console. Microsoft has unveiled (opens in new tab) the newly-reworked console app, with its initial rollout already underway to select Xbox One owners.

Following the new update, Xbox One Spotify users will discover a modernized design, which cleans up its user interface and embraces a lighter color scheme. The update also brings support for deeper background music integration, allowing users to select up to 20 suggested playlists through the pop-out Guide menu. Finally, Cortana voice support has surfaced, keeping your hands free with the in-house digital assistant.

The latest Spotify app is now available to select members of the Xbox Insider Program across all five pre-release preview rings. The app will automatically update to version in time or can be manually triggered through the Spotify Microsoft Store listing on your console.

If you're yet to download Spotify for Xbox One, Xbox Insiders can directly download the new app (opens in new tab) too.

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • I wish this was a UWP app that worked across all devices
  • I concur. Perhaps (hopefully) a future update will make the app into a UWP app.
  • I hope so too
  • This is a Uwp app but it's missing features the desktop one has. When they are feature complete I would expect this to replace the pc app
  • I miss Groove streaming 😟
  • We all do...
  • Yup. I really miss turning on the video option and watching the videos to my music play. Was pretty cool.
  • THANK YOU, SPOTIFY! The existing app worked fine but it have obvious goofiness and bad UI decisions. Can't wait to get my hands on this update and see the changes (and hopefully, improvements).
  • I would love to see an Xbox one Tidal app
  • It supports lyrics now! Awesome
  • Am I crazy or is this just the same version/ux/ui that has existed on smart TV's for a couple of months now? Not bashing it, the update is welcome and the xbox support is appreciated. Just curious. The dev lifecycle for all of these different iterations of the spotify app are curious to me.
  • Cortana support... Nice if you have a microphone strapped to you all the time as didn't they kill off Kinect?
  • Yes, they did
  • I've been using my Harmon Kardon Invoke with my Xbox One for Cortana control of my Xbox for a couple of weeks now and it is working great! Much better than it use to work with the Kinect. I even bought myself a second Invoke at the low price of $50 from the Microsoft Store because it has been working so well.