Sprint doubles data on high-end plans for families and businesses

Sprint has announced that, starting today, they are offering "double the data" on high-end data plans compared to AT&T and Verizon. Sprint's 32GB, 40GB, and 60GB Family Share Pack plans will now offer 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB at no extra cost. Customers must sign up by October 31 in order to take advantage of the offer. Existing customers can take advantage of the promotion by visiting a Sprint retail store or call Sprint customer support.

Businesses can also take advantage of this deal beginning this Friday, October 3. Business Share plans with 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB can also get double the data, with 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, and 200GB options, for no extra charge. As with Family Share plans, businesses must sign up for the offer by October 31.

Sprint is also trying to sweeten the deal for data-hungry switchers, both consumers and businesses. If you move your number from another carrier to Sprint, the company will waive the monthly access charge for phones, tablets, and mobile hotspots through 2015 if you choose a data plan with 20GB of data or more. Any device must be purchased using Sprint Easy Pay or the Sprint iPhone for Life plan.

Will you be taking advantage of Sprint's new offer? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Sprint

Joseph Keller
  • Thanks T-Mobile!
  • Lol, that's great!
  • Your move Verizon.
  • We wish.
  • And you shall receive.
  • http://www.wpcentral.com/following-its-rivals-verizon-brings-more-data-m...  
  • Wait, is this for mobile broadband or home broadband because of its mobile, man I wish we even had the original plan options here.
  • What about us single losers that like data and sharing that data ( hotspot ) ?
  • I want a Live Lock screen BETA update!!!
  • Hilarious!!
  • Damn I love competition. I'm pretty sure this is a direct response to AT&T offering the same promotion for Oct. Still, though, at the end of the day you're still stuck on Sprint.
  • LOL
  • How about none of this cap BS. The internet is free you fuckers. Fucking BS and they make millions ripping is off. .
  • Can't reply under the post above for some reason... Anyway, how is the internet free? It most certainly is not free. Air is free. Sunlight is free. Everything else costs money. Even an unlimited data plan is not free, it never has been.
  • More specifically... Its not free for us. The spectrum is free. We've had articles on this before.
  • Data should be unlimited. Until it's that way, like it was before, it's not worth the paper the contract is printed on.
  • I admit unlimited was good when I was on metro pcs. But on att I did a test on how much I and my fiance really use data....for one whole month she said she streamed as much as here battery would let her...i did same but now its different we have WiFi every where we go but we turn it off . And barely went past my 10gb data but mind you compared to unlimited data att was a billion times faster than metro ! So I guess for me data cap is ok as long as it is super fast
  • Too bad there's no word on whether they will update their Samsung ATIV S Neo to WP 8.1 There was an article on this site that the 2 Sprint Windows Phones would be updated this Summer.  But, that came and went and no word since for the ATIV S Neo. All Sprint tells you is "we have no information and check the newsroom".  Well, there is NO information in the newsroom.  Did Samsung release the 8.1 code to Sprint?  If so, when?
  • The other Sprint Windows phone, HTC 8XT, (which is no longer available, at least on the Sprint website) won't be upgraded until sometime in November http://www.wpcentral.com/htc-8xt-sprint-getting-windows-phone-81-update-... So I would assume that the Neo MIGHT get upgraded around the same time.
  • Thanks, but Sprint has not confirmed the November timeline for 8XT in the link you provided.  There is no information coming from Sprint for the update to 8.1 for HTC 8XT or Samsung ATIV S Neo.  We are in the dark.  Somebody at Sprint knows something, but not saying.  Why?  Probably because they have no intention of releasing the updates.  They do not want to support Windows OS.  All Sprint should say is, "We are working with the manufacturer on getting the update, and then we will push it to the users.  We will advise when we receive the update from the manufacturer".  or "We have received the update from the manufacturer, and we will be releasing the update (fill in the date)".  NO communication! 
  • All please match
  • REALLY!?  Why would Windows Phone users even care about this?  Sprint has only ONE Windows Phone for new users and it's FAR from being a Windows Phone flagship!?  It's not even a Lumia device.  It's a Samsung!  When a Lumia device like the Icon or 1520 or 930 show up on Sprint, then I might be interested in what kind of data plans and price plans they have!  Othewise, no need to even read this article!
  • Sprint is irrelevant for people that want a Windows Phone.   It's also irrelevant for people that do not want slow data.
  • Would never go back to Sprint. I don't trust them to provide updates to Windows Phone.
  • Not sure about anyone else, but my buddy with a Samsung ativ on sprint has similar data speeds if not better than my att 1020 anytime we both whip out speedtest app. I'm on LTE and he is only in "4g". I have seen sprint spit out 40mb, where as I average 6-12mb mostly. Denver area. Sprint doesn't even have true LTE in my area yet. So yeah, sprint is respectable, at least here. But yeah, Verizon offers an extra GB on the tiny old people plans. Then att responds with double data for huge plans, now sprint copies att. Classic.
  • Good luck downloading more than a Gig in one billing cycle on sprints network.