Sprint Intrepid now available online

As seen in Malatesta's hot little hands, the Sprint Intrepid is now available online for $149.99 after rebate and two-year contract. Windows Mobile 6.5 is on board, as are the usual Sprint goodies. Along with that you get the 320x240 touchscreen, 3.2MP camera, WiFi b/g, plus it's a world phone.

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  • I love Windows Mobile but this phone is a piece of junk! I bought one at Sprint on Saturday and played with it for about 30 minutes and promptly returned it. WM 6.5 is terrible, no ifs ands or buts. Samsung could have really made this a winner with a higher resolution display and a stronger build. This phone is so light it feels like one of those plastic sample phones. About the only thing they did right was load it with RAM. It had about 152MB free and almost 300MB of ROM. Oh, the other thing is that Samsung changed the charging port to microUSB, yeah! Too bad, this could have been a great device but WM 6.5, poor screen, and crappy build quality will leave you feeling cheated!
  • Yeah it did feel real light and the build quality didn't feel as nice as the Treo Pro. Still, I'm not sure if that translates into it not being a good device for long term durability, but it doesn't leave a good impression (unlike the Pure and TP2, which do feel great)
  • So far phone is good. need to play with it some more to get used to features. Great speakerphone and sound quality. GPS works great.IE6 slow freezes a lot. Use skyfire instead. Within time i am sure software will improve through updates. Good build quality.
  • I'm strongly considering this to replace my Treo Pro which has an awful KB that misses lettrs.
  • I would love to try the Intrepid but if it dont work correctly I dont want to be stuck with it for 2 years.