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Sprint Touch Pro: $199 Through 12/20 at BestBuy

Thinking about getting the all powerful and popular Sprint Touch Pro for the holidays (see review here)? Want it for a ultra-low price?

BestBuy is selling it for $199 (reg. $299) now through Saturday (12/20). In store only.

Of course you'll have to sign a 2 year contract, but that's a heck of an instant savings if you are due to re-new or a new customer!

(Tip: if you bought it from Sprint recently, it can't hurt to email them and ask for the difference to price match Best Buy)

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  • i actually am interested in that phone
    i know CDMA is old, but cant really beat $99 for Everything from sprint
    to compare with at&t its $150
    the only problem is i travel to Jordan once or twice a year and all they have is GSM
  • old yeah that's why theyre rolling out their 4g like sprint.
  • So my mogul is finally at a point where a) it runs great, never crashes, and is very snappy; and b) it has an extended battery that literally has lasted me for 60 hours while constantly connected to exchange and used moderately/heavily.
    And then the sexy Touch Pro comes along and drops to $200. And I really want it. But I know that the battery probably won't last me through the day and that I'll have to spend a ton of time tweaking it to my liking (not that I would mind - I like doing that sort of thing - but still).
    Decisions, decisions.