Square Me, possibly the simplest game in the Windows Phone Store that will drive you nuts

They say the simplest things in live are often the most enjoyable. Square Me is a Windows Phone game that hopes to tap into that philosophy and find its way into your Windows Phone gaming library.

Square Me isn't a very complicated game. You are presented with a collection of colored squares and have to find the one square that doesn't match the rest. The goal is to try to solve as many puzzles in one minute. While all this sounds easy, you may be surprised how hard it is to find the one tiny little square that is just a fraction of a shade different than the rest.

Available for low-memory devices, Square Me is an appealing, addictive, sometimes frustrating Windows Phone game that is a nice option to choose when you have a few minutes to kill.

About as simple as a game can get

The layout with Square Me wastes no time on main menus. Even though there is a Menu button that appears throughout the game, there isn't a traditional gaming menu as we've come to know.

When you launch Square Me you go directly to the game. A second after the gaming screen appears, the game timer begins and you are off to the races.

You are presented with a collection of squares that are of the same color except for one. It is your job to tap that off-colored square and when you do, a larger collection of squares will appear with the same mission.

At the top of the gaming screen you will find your countdown timer and level (which is also your score). At the bottom of the screen is the deceptive menu button that acts more as a pause button. When tapped you can resume your game or restart the game from the first level.

As you begin play, the off-colored square will stick out like a sore thumb but the further you progress in the game, the color differences become less apparent. The off-colored square may only be a smidgen off from the rest of the squares. The squares also increase in number which adds to the challenge of finding the odd-man out.

Gaming Tip: I did find that when the color shades become more difficult to distinguish if you hold your Windows Phone out at arms length seemed to help in finding the odd square out. Either that or my eyes need checking.

Overall Impression

While Square Me is a very simple game with respect to layout and game play, it is a surprisingly challenging, somewhat addictive game. By no means is it a game to sit down and play for extended periods but for shorter bits of time, Square Me is an enjoyable way to pass the time.

While I liked Square Me, there is some room for improvement. First, a main menu with a help screen or the line "Find the one square that doesn't match." and a button to jump into game play. Jumping straight into game play can take you a little by surprise.

The other thing I wouldn't mind seeing is a penalty for wrong guesses. You earn a point for each completed level but there needs to be a penalty for a wrong guess. Maybe forfeit the point earned for that level? Regardless, neither are deal breakers and many will find Square Me just fine as is.

While Square Me doesn't have many reviews in the Windows Phone Store, it does sport a 5 Star rating, which is pretty close to the mark. There is a Windows 8 version of Square Me available for those who like to carry their gaming to a larger screen.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Great game... No Xbox, though. :P
  • WP store simple holds the most simple games In the world,I think its the school of developers,and I am not saying its a bad thing!Microsoft made it very easy to get your hands on developer access and be a developer,the charge in store is free!
    But i hope the new developers are upgrading and not just stick with this kind of games!!!!!
  • Oh god I didn't mean to replay to your comment! But hey you will get tons of emails now which is nice!!
  • I have disabled emails... Hehe :P
  • Hahaha I guess all first commenters do that :P
  • You really can't go by the stuff they present on WPCentral.
  • What do you mean?
  • Meaning WPCentral don't show everything devs do with WP.
  • In that case I also wasn't building my opinion on what wpxentral shows me,it's from what I see In the store, and in talking about app developers not OS developers...we have alot of simple yet great apps ,unlike android who has alot of fake apps...
  • @Wam1q, Can I assume your comment is meant as sarcasm?
  • Yes, it is...
  • 26 in f irst play!
  • Great one, downloading, it needs improvements though :\
  • Level 27... At 28 my brain and eyes start to hurt, looking like -.- to find the difference
  • In the second paragraph you have "reset," I think you mean "rest." On another note this game looks interesting and I'm going to download it.
  • Thank you and fixed.
  • Why did you introduce me to this game?!!! Back to playing some more now...
  • Haha I thought the same!
  • First time hit the level 33
  • I dont see why WPCentral wants us to be driven nuts by games...
  • Now lvl 38. If you'r on a Lumia device, go to display settings and set the color saturation to natural, I think it's more natural that way, instead of using overlly saturated color that make those shades exactlly the same.
  • Level 41 :grin:
  • Hot dang, did what you suggested and got to level 34 instead of being stuck at 17. Thx
  • Hmm I'll give it a try, stuck at Level 17 as well. They all look exactly the same!
  • Hmm, didn't seem to do much for me on my overly saturated LED screen. I did find another trick though -- tilt the phone so that you're viewing the screen at extreme angles once it starts getting tough!
  • +1020
  • Not available here in Brazil. Devs, I can help you.
  • Switch regions...
  • that's not a solution, it's a workarround. we already have enough workarounds here in brazil, no need for more...
  • Hey Guilherme, costumo ver aqui os teus comentários a queixares-te da falta de atencao para com o Brasil por parte dos developers. Quais as apps que achas mais fazerem falta? Estou a pensar tornar-me  num developer e apostar em apps em língua portuguesa, e obviamente o mercado brasileiro é bastante interessante. (sou tuga btw :D) Basicamente estou à procura de ideias ;)
  • Quite an addictive game! Glad to see games on the system, but what about things like a dictionary & thesaurus app from Oxford university press. You know, the mobi system ones. I'll happily party £20 again, if I can have it on WP!!!!
  • Although it's a really good game, I'd like to have more variety in the WP store, too many of this games, other platforms have things like the walking dead or something like that
  • If penalties are added for choosing incorrectly, I hope it's optional. My eyes are getting too old! (So it begins. At this rate, week I'll find myself responding to Scooter Store infomercials.)
  • Same here.
  • 37. level on the 1st try.. Nice but I don't like time restricted games.. ^_^
  • Color Pop is Back...!!!
  • I cant get past level 17 dangit
  • Too difficult :(
  • Sorry daltonics!!!
  • Colorblind
  • I have a rule... If there are ads below the game, I do not download the game... End of story.
  • For real...why should I want the devs to make any money? They shouldn't seek compensation from anywhere, just do this for free.
  • I got no problem with devs making money, but I think there are other ways to do it too... I am not a developer, I am an app user; And I think pop up ads, bottom/ top ads are the worst thing an app user can experience...    Imagine, playing an interesting fast paced game and clicking on the ad by mistake...   Most of the ads aren't relevant too... For eg. on the above game snapshots hospicecanhelp.com? How do I come to know that the website is about terminally ill? Does the name of the website (gospicecanhelp.com) remotely hints me about it?
  • Yeah Developers that don't spend time desiging games and applications strictly for your enjoyment for completely free are the worst. How dare they wish to make a living from their expertise that they dedicate so much time to.... it's not like they need to eat or anything. Total BS I have to agree. Good thing you and I are such good app developers that we can make all the apps we'll ever need in seconds, right?
  • You can read my reply on Penny_1 's comment... 
  • First sentence should say *life* not live I believe. Other than that the game looks interesting
  • I like it! Low-stress and fun. I like games that require some brain work like this.
  • So hard to see!!! Haha!
  • I am really shocked that this game support 512mb RAM devices. What is more surprising that it works fast and fluid without any hiccups. Great work
  • Downloaded
  • Level 39!
  • Now 40!
  • 43!
  • I almost got 46 but I wasn't able to tap on the right tile before it went time out! This game concept has lots of potential. :)
  • Whoa! I just reached 51! I can't even believe it! o_o
  • Reached 47! :D Aiming for 50
  • 27..already my eys hurt..phewww
  • Special version for colorblind: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=22c1d0f7-227f-4d8d-baca-7302942eb2de :)
  • New version of Square Me on Android! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.binarybanana.squareme2