Star Wars Battlefront II will get 'Capital Supremacy' mode for 40 players

Star Wars Battlefront II is a first and third-person multiplayer shooter from DICE — an EA studio. Over the past year, it has received a slew of updates which added more and more content to the game. However, some of the most spectacular showdowns may be ahead of us. Today, the company announced a new mode called "Capital Supremacy" which features up to forty players.

EA provided a detailed description of the mode alongside how to play it. You can read excerpts from the latest Community Transmission below.

Alongside the announcement of more content from the Clone Wars coming to Star Wars Battlefront II at EA Play 2018 was the confirmation that a new, large scale game mode would also be arriving... The goal for Capital Supremacy is to win the planetary battle, gain access to the opposing teams Capital Ship and destroy it. When you first deploy into a game of Capital Supremacy, you will begin planet-side. From here you will have to take control of several Command Posts that are scattered around the planet. Choose carefully because while you're off capturing a Command Post the opposing team will also be doing the same. After boarding the transports, your team will begin the assault upon the opposing team's Capital Ship. From here, you will have to set multiple timed charges across the ship. Should you be successful in destroying the Capital Ship, the game will end and your team will be designated as the winners. If you make it onto the enemy Capital Ship but fail to destroy it, the battle will return to the surface of the planet where you will repeat the process and attempt to capture Command Posts... The match ends when a Capital Ship has been destroyed

It's great to see that Star Wars Battlefront II is being supported this well even after all these years. Capital Supremacy should launch on March 26, alongside a major update. Even to this day, it's one of the best-looking games on Xbox One X due to its 4K 60 FPS presentation.

Star Wars Battlefront II ignited a microtransactions controversy which a lot of foreign governments cracked down on. While EA eventually changed the business model of the game, it still left customers with an uneasy feeling about the future. Not only did the microtransactions impact the review scores, but they overshadowed anything positive about the game, like its single-player campaign.

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