StarCheap, a Windows Phone space adventure game, is today's AdDuplex HERO App

StarCheap is a challenging Windows Phone game where you have to rescue monkeys who have been sent into space to repair a broken satellite. Armed with only a magnet and rope, you have to get the monkeys back to the spaceship as quickly as possible. StarCheap is a decent time waster and one of this month's AdDuplex HERO Apps.

The HERO Apps program is a promotional campaign for Windows Phone and Windows developers on the AdDuplex network and partners AdDuplex with myAppFree, AppDeals, PluralSight and Windows Central to deliver a host of benefits to the top apps and games each month. Our role in the HERO App campaign is to offer a little exposure to these titles by sharing them with you, our readers.


The primary menu for StarCheap offers you the options to play the game, access the help screens, tap into the game's settings and view the information screen. Settings cover the game's sound and music levels. You will also have a short intro video that runs every time you launch the game, but it is skippable.

StarCheap Tutorial

Game play includes forty-eight levels that are spread out across four worlds that are progressively unlocked. To unlock a world, you will have to earn a set number of stars that are awarded based on you game performance in each level. Scoring is based on how long it takes for you to save the monkey and, as you would guess, the faster you save the monkey the more stars earned.

Game play is rather simple with the game screen layout consisting of your spaceship, the monkey in need of saving, and various planets and space objects scattered about. You will also find a game timer in the bottom right corner, a star meter in the upper right corner and an automatic rope retrieval button in the lower left corner.


You launch your rope by tapping/holding on to the spaceship and sliding your finger backwards. A directional arrow will appear to help you aim your shot and the further back you slide your finger, the more power is applied to the shot.

Once the magnet latches on to your monkey you can either tap the automatic retrieval button to save the monkey or slide your finger around the screen in a circular motion to retrieve the rope and monkey. If you miss the monkey with the magnet, you'll need to retrieve your rope and try again.

While StarCheap's premise sounds easy, you will find levels where the shot is not direct or the monkey is drifting about space. You also have the risk of breaking your rope or losing magnetic grip if you reel the rope into the spaceship too fast. You will also find some levels with asteroids and aliens who will make an easy rescue mission all the more complicated.

Levels can be re-played to shorten your rescue time and earn more stars and overall, StarCheap is a fun time waster of a Windows Phone game.

Download StarCheap from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

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AdDuplex HERO Promotion

AdDuplex is a fantastic resource for the cross-promotion of Windows Phone and Windows apps. AdDuplex has launched a new program designed to help developers promote their apps even further with free access to various tools and resources from AdDuplex.

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If you are a Windows or Windows Phone developer, you can sign up for the HERO Apps program here at AdDuplex's website. To participate in the program, you will need to apply within thirty days after your app or game has launched on the AdDuplex network.

Windows Central is already partnered with the myAppFree campaign and is proud to be partnering up with AdDuplex with the HERO Apps program. It is another excellent opportunity to help promote both the Windows Phone and Windows platform.

Keep in mind that the HERO Apps are different than what you find with the myAppFree deals. The HERO Apps are free, ad-supported titles that often have the option to remove the ad-support via in-app purchases. The myAppFree deal delivers a paid app or game at a discounted price or for free.

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