State of Decay 2 and more coming to Xbox Game Pass in May

Microsoft's next batch of games headed out to Xbox Game Pass members has been revealed. Starting in May, eight more titles (opens in new tab) are headed to the subscription service, including Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Overcooked, and Homefront: The Revolution. The title that's sure to draw the most attention for May, however, is State of Decay 2, which will hit Game Pass upon launch on May 22.

Here's a look at all of what's coming:

  • State of Decay 2
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
  • Laser League
  • Overcooked
  • The Escapists
  • Homefront: The Revolution
  • Unmechanical: Extended
  • Sonic & Knuckles

State of Decay 2 is the obvious highlight here, as it's the long-awaited follow-up to the 2013 original. The game is a fight for survival against the hostile realities of a zombie apocalypse. The game encourages cooperative multiplayer, allowing players to work together to build bases and form communities to counter zombie and human threats alike.

May's game lineup will join a growing list of more than 100 titles that includes big-name entries from series like Gears of War, Halo, and Sea of Thieves, among others. Xbox Game Pass normally costs $9.99 per month (opens in new tab) and new subscribers can check it out for free for 14 days.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I was hoping for more AAA games. I know they aren't always the highest quality especially compared to some of the indie darlings. But they are mindless fun with beautiful graphics a lot of the time.
  • My God, does this whole Game Pass stuff annoy me.
  • Game Pass rocks! for me it works on a try before you buy basis with most new titles launching in the catalogue, you can cancel at any time so no real monetary commitment there, I was hesitant about buying Super Luckys Tale and Sea of Thieves for myself and my 7 year old gamer daughter but we got to play both and having an absolute blast as pirates! Looking forward to State of Decay 2 and Overcooked as I`m a Chef IRL