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State of Decay will come back to life on Xbox One next year

The Xbox One launched with an exclusive game called Dead Rising 3 that, statistically speaking, contains all of the zombies. That game is all about putting hundreds of zombies on-screen at once and then letting players drive cars through them. Plus you can play dress up! It's not the most serious zombie game in the world.

Next year though, the zombie fighting on Xbox One is going to get deadly serious. Today Microsoft and developer Undead Labs announced that Xbox 360 fan-favorite survival fantasy game State of Decay will be coming to Xbox One in 2015! The new edition will include new and improved 1080p visuals, all previous DLC, and brand new content as well. State of Decay: Year One Survivor Edition will be anything but decayed.

Fighting off the zombie hordes

State of Decay was originally released as an XBLA game in June 2013, where it went on to become one of the best-selling XBLA games of all time. If you haven't played the game, prepare for a fairly realistic depiction of human life after a zombie apocalypse. We're talking about a third-person action game with RPG and strategy elements, a combination which makes for a deep and challenging experience.

Step outside into State of Decay's world and you'll find that hordes of zombies roam the streets. You'll have to evade and/or kill them as you work to gather supplies and rescue fellow survivors. These survivors will join your crew and either help you going out scavenging or stay at home and defend your base.

As the player, you'll have to carefully choose how much time you spend outside of the base and how much time you spend at home, fortifying against the countless zombies plaguing the area. Spend too much time away and your base not be strong enough to keep its inhabitants safe. But if you don't go out and look for supplies, you'll run short of food, medicine, ammo, and other materials necessary for survival.

Meanwhile, the team you take out scavenging can fall prey to zombies all too easily. You might enter a house looking for food and find that one of your partners has gotten overwhelmed. You'll want to help them develop their skills as fighters, but don't get too attached.

Another big difference between State of Decay and Dead Rising is that State of Decay has a more grounded story. It follows the player's attempts to meet up with the military who are fighting the zombie hordes. But the military might have another agenda besides simply rescuing civilians… And the story only advances when you complete specific objectives, so you're free to focus on survival if you prefer.

State of Decay Xbox One announced

Year One Survivor Edition

The upcoming Xbox One version of State of Decay promises a number of improvements.

Whereas the Xbox 360 version always suffered from performance issues and bugs, the Xbox One version will (presumably) run much smoother. We know the visuals have been upgraded to 1080p, the character animations have been enhanced, and new graphical effects have been added. Let's hope the team at Undead Labs can get the frame rate up to 60 frames per second, too!

Both of the previously released DLC packs, "Breakdown" and "Lifeline" will be included in the new edition. Breakdown adds a true sandbox mode with no ending. Players simply try to last as long as they can, while optionally searching for an RV that will trigger an increase in the overall difficulty. As for Lifeline, it lets players manage a military base that gets besieged by increasingly dangerous zombie raids.

The Year One Survivor Edition will also include new content, including new mission types. Undead Labs promises to reveal more details about the new content as the game's spring 2015 release date approaches. That's a long wait, but you can always try the Xbox 360 or Steam versions in the meantime.

  • State of Decay – Xbox 360 – 1.81 GB – $19.99 – Link (opens in new tab)

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  • This headline's for you, Warren! :-)
  • This game would be amazing with coop play
  • No joke! If they don't end up announcing that as a new feature, they must be saving it for the actual sequel.
  • If they don't add coop I won't be getting it again
  • Just so you know, you spelled military wrong the second time; "limitary". Cheers
  • Thanks for catching that. Fixed. :)
  • I haven't even gotten round to finishing dead rising lol! Playing it very very slow and enjoying the game :P.
  • I'm getting sick of all these games getting redone for the new consoles.
    Why not spend those resources on new games made for new hardware?
    Come on people. Let old games die already.
  • Because why let a great game/game series die off when it could be reborn on a better and more advanced console?
  • In this case, the game never ran all that great on 360, so the new version will basically be the game the devs always wanted to make. Also, a lot of people probably missed it on 360 that will be happy to play it on Xbox One. Especially since it looks like this is likely getting a retail release too.
  • Still we need more new games. More old games are coming out than new.
  • There's probably very little work to be done, relatively speaking. They likely have 10% or less of their workforce updating the game while the rest handle the new project. Why not then? If I had an Xbox One, id buy it again for the updated visuals and frame rate
  • Everyone complains there's no backwards compat, then when they bring 360 games over people get mad.
  • A lot of people haven't played this game, me included. Also people tend to be more receptive to new ip earlier on in a console generation.
  • If I got it back on 360 purchased back then I hope they give a deal on it
  • I don't have an Xbox 360 so I couldn't play this game before. Very excited to get a chance to play it now! Actually in 2015 when its released.
  • I'm looking towards playing this on Xbox One never played it on the 360
  • Me either. Looks intriguing, especially since I quite enjoyed Dead Rising 3 (seriously, getting into a steam roller and mowing over endless hordes of zombies is as therepeautic as it gets--great stuff).
  • Its EXCELLENT, if a little rough around the edges
  • Thought it sucked on Xbox 360, but my brother enjoyed it.
    I'm looking forward to telltales The Walking Dead on "The One" though.
  • Concerning the release date and better performance, I'll believe it when I see it. This game would've easily been a 9/10 but delays, bugs, and lack of promised features kind of killed it for me. I've lost a bit of hope for undead labs on this one.
  • How does the Xbox 360 one compare to the steam version that's on sale for (I believe) $4.99? I was thinking of grabbing it on steam. Also the halo on steam is on sale for $1.69 I think.
  • I need sequel , I already bought this game on 360
  •     I hope this means that there’s going to be a ‘Year Two’ or some sort of sequel coming. I love this game.