Stay code savvy with the Windows Developer Show App for Windows Phone 8

We know your favorite Windows Phone related podcast comes from us.  Daniel and Jay are a dynamic duo that help keep you up to date on the latest things with Windows Phone and more. But we approach it more for the general consumer and don’t focus too much on development. For that we highly recommend the Windows Developer Show from brothers Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk. There’s a new app in the Store that you should check out to get their podcast.

So what is the Windows Developer Show ( It’s a podcast that started out focusing on Windows Phone development. As the platform matured and Microsoft’s three screens and a cloud strategy came into focus they began to include Windows 8 and other Microsoft technologies like the Xbox. While its developer focused, anyone can listen and gain some insight from the show.

The Windows Developer Show app for Windows Phone 8 was made by Shayne Boyer. The same developer that made the I’m Here app. Why the reason for the app? Some users can’t access some podcasts abroad and the Windows Developer Show had a handful of fans who were having trouble getting access to it. Here’s what the app currently gives you:

  • Support for all tile sizes
  • Stream episodes of the Windows Developer Show
  • Show notes and links for the guests in each episode in addition to resources mentioned in the show
  • Weigh in Wednesday Poll Results in real-time

It’s excellent at what it does and that’s give users access to episodes of the show. However feedback has already been pouring in. Shayne has been taking feedback and ideas for future versions. Here’s what is in the pipeline for the app:

  • Offline support
  • Cloud sync with a Windows 8 version or companion app
  • Poll voting and not just viewing
  • Twitter feeds from episode guests and hosts of the show

Third party developers to the rescue! The app has been successful with users too. During the first eight days in the Store it picked up 2000+ downloads and acquired 75+ reviews 4 stars or above. In addition to fans, the hosts of the show (Ryan and Travis) are both fans of the app. If you’ve got any feedback sound off below in the comments.

Apps like this are a great example of the Windows Phone (and Windows 8) community. The app itself is well designed and a very good first showing. And if you’re not listening to the Windows Developer Show you should. Add it to your podcast lineup.

The app is free (no ads) for Windows Phone 8 devices. Grab it here in the Store, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Sam Sabri