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Steam may be working on a cloud gaming service like Stadia or xCloud

Steam (Image credit: Steam)


Steam (Image credit: Steam)

What you need to know

  • Steam may be working on a cloud gaming service to compete with Stadia or xCloud.
  • A technology called "Steam Cloud Gaming" was leaked by Steam Database.
  • It's unclear if this is remote play technology or an array of servers around the world.

Cloud gaming is the latest obsession gripping the video game industry, and it looks like Valve — the company behind the popular platform Steam — wants to get in on the action. We already know about Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Project xCloud, and Shadow, but it looks like Valve is developing its own service. At least that's what a recent Steam Database post suggests.

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The Twitter account said that Valve is working on a technology called "Steam Cloud Gaming" according to a partner site code update. The post added that "partners will need to sign an addendum to their terms." It's unclear what this means at the moment or what the scope of this is. In order to provide low-latency gaming, you need servers close to users. We haven't heard about Valve doing that at the moment, but you never know. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

What do you think the future of cloud gaming holds? Will it be a field where every publisher has its own service, or will they come under the umbrella of a console manufacturer like Microsoft or Sony? Let us know. It's definitely an exciting time to be a gmaer

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  • Well, most of my games are in Steam.
  • They should have bought a steam version of game pass !! To be honest
  • Not sure I see the value of this one. The games I play on Steam are games I specifically want to play on PC hardware, which means I don't want to deal with streaming latency. xCloud at least allows me access to my Xbox catalog on the go, something I generally still don't even have on my PC for most of my titles. But I don't see me playing Transport Tycoon on my phone.
  • I don't think that's a solid point. Especially because you're still making a distinction between console and PC games, which MS themselves are blurring. The same games you claim to be "console games" are available in the Windows Store and Game Pass PC.
    Other than that, Steam already have been supporting adaptive control schemes for a lot of games. This means that, of course, the same as playing Steam games with a controller and a Steam Link, it favors a certain control scheme for certain games. But using a controller to game on PC should not be an unusual thing in 2019.
  • Well if they have only started on this in the last 12 months you won't see it before 2023. MS have been designing theirs since 2014. Stadia is rumored to have been in the making for the last 3 years. Unless Valve started it 3 years ago. I see them as way to late to the party. Sony is already behind having only just made a deal with Microsoft for Azure cloud servers in the last 12 months. They will also need a ton of first party studios to compete with Sony and MS. I'm not counting Stadia. I just don't see it staying with no first party content.
  • We don't even know what's XCloud's or Steam's business model. We don't know if they are in competition. PSNow isn't similar to what Stadia offers. Also I'm not sure why you say Sony is behind. PSNow streaming service has been available for years now.
  • Because Soy admit PSnow isnt capable of competing. Otherwise they would not be working on a new streaming solution with Azure cloud servers. They are as we speak writing code for their Azure streaming service. When that is finished and finalized who knows. But PSnow is not anywhere near as stable as Xcloud beta based on all the lag tests etc that have been done. Sony will have a place in the market of streaming, because they have a first party portfolio. The other 2 just don't have any reason to use their service.
  • DO you have link where they admitted anything?
    Did you do test to compare the two services? Do you have links or are you just making stuff up?
  • Do I really need to post a link to Sony and MS coming to a deal for Sony to use Azure to make a streaming service? I'm sure you've read all the articles on their new streaming service on Azure. Just hit YouTube for comparisons between Xcloud and 'everything else' iudinf Stadia, Nvidia Shield. Not just PSnow. Xcloud wins in every single category. And that's in beta. At this point, the lag tests on Xcloud are done by over 10 different publications as well. Just go and have a look for yourself. I could post 1 link. But you may as well go and read and watch the dozens of comparisons as opposed to 1.
  • No I want you to show me a link to "Soy admit PSnow isn't capable of competing".
    You have no idea why Sony and MS decided to make the deal. You hardly know what's the deal about. All you do is speculate as usual... I don't want to go look for stuff that you say. Provide proof. You NEVER provide actual proof. For once I thought you would... The thing is I have no idea what your source are or even if I can ever trust you. If it was someone else I would have probably done it but with you, it's a different story.
  • Don't go down this road again. The road where you fail to think for yourself. You know full well Sony making a new Streaming service is them admitting PSnow on Gaikai servers is not good enough. Otherwise they wouldn't have spent billions in a deal with their rival to use their oud servers. There is 0 reason to change your existing service if it's running well and is worth pushing. Sony would have been banging thr PSnow steaming service drum against Stadia and Xcloud if they were happy. So no, Sony haven't specifically said "sorry, our PSnow service is rubbish". But using the brain you were given at birth you can make a determination based on the companies actions. The same way you do with a child. You looon at their actions. Not the lies they are telling you. But it's cool. You keep doing your usual 'I don't use my brain' thing. It's pricelesagain like last time. Your the one questioning. The evidence is there for you. It's not my problem to open the book for you. If I question something. I do my own research. It's up to me to satisfy a contradiction. Not up to the person I'm disagreeing with. Interestingly the last 2 times we have had this back and forth. And you kept asking for me to do your research. When I finally provided it for you, you never commented back. Ran off hiding because you got totally owned. Not this time. Do your own research. While the rest of us use our brains.
  • All you do is speculation. Maybe they are doing it to save money as it'll be cheaper than maintaining their own servers. I don't know. The fact remains that all you're doing is speculation... Through this partnership MS is hoping to improve their entertainment experiences. Does that mean that they admited that their current entertainment value is ****?
    ofc not. LOL Do MY research???
    YOU are the one who made the comment not me. It's up to you to prove it. Do you even know what burden of proof is?
    ofc I'm not surprise by your answer. Yo do this all the time. Talk bs and tell others to do their research when someone ask for proof. LOL
    Anyway, here is a video. Watch it and learn:
  • Sony is behind yet they're the only console manufacturer currently with an available streaming service, you make me laugh Richard.
  • If PSnow is doing so well, why are Sony completely designing a new streaming service using Azure Cloud? People keep trying to say PSnow is the same. It's not. Xcloud lag tests already produce significantly beeter results than PSnow. And Xcloud is only in beta. Sony obviously knew PSnow can't compete. Hence the billion dollar deal with MS to make a streaming service on Azure.
  • I didn't say PSNow was the same as xCloud (nor was I actually referencing it, I was talking about Remote Play) but the fact of the matter is I can remote play with Sony right now, I can't with Xbox, that automatically makes Sony's option better because it is actually a tangible thing.
  • I was talking about Cloud. But yes, just 2 days ago, Console streaming is now available in the UK at least. Via the same Xbox Game streaming app on Android. Been using it myslef. Every single gane you you have on your console is stream able. It works flawlessly. Played some Halo 5 multi-player on Console streaming Xbox. Won every single match I played.
  • That's great, it isn't available for me. So, for me, the best option is the option I can use, and that's Sony.
  • Why not, if they are doing it like Stadia. The option of letting people stream the steam game they bought at 1080p for free.
  • If Steam provides an option similar to xCloud, i.e. play the games you own, I think it's definitely going to be in a better position than the competitors, significantly larger game library and a well established storefront. Valve certainly have the money to make it happen.