Steam's Summer Sale kicks off with massive discounts on tons of games

It's that time of year again, folks: The Steam Summer Sale is here. As has become a tradition by this point, now's the time to load up your PC with tons of games at steep discounts if you have the cash to burn.

As usual, there are an absolute ton of games on sale at the start — including entire franchises — and more are likely to get discounts as the sale wears on. Still, here are some of the highlights to get you started:

There are many more games to grab, and you can check out the full sale on Steam now. You'll want to practice a little patience, however, as the influx of traffic has already slowed Steam to a crawl following the start of the sale. And for UK folks, remember that you can save an extra £5 by using PayPal to pay for your games.

The sale is set to run through July 5.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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