Stopping the rumor mill: Windows Phone and the future of its unique UI

This morning, the Windows Phone Central inbox was flooded with tips about one Eldar Murtazin, who has taken to Twitter to make some comments about the future of Windows Phone and its UI design. Specifically, he claims that Microsoft will have “another UI” with the Live Tile system going away, replaced instead with a UI inspired by Android.

The future design of Windows Phone is certainly of concern, especially to our readers. Microsoft has bet a lot of the design language of Modern UI, making it the corner piece in Windows 8 and the Xbox One. Could they really be re-thinking everything?

Furthermore, who is Murtazin and why should you care? We take a look at the latest rumors and show why they are baseless.

Murtazin and his wrong assertions

Eldar Murtazin previously had ties to Nokia, though those were severed years ago. Many in the tech media bubble took him seriously. Or at least what he said with a grain of salt. These days, however, many sites still run with his claims despite is terrible track record. 

Many news outlets point to his “correct” prediction that Microsoft would acquire Nokia. What they forget to mention is that he made that claim back in January 2012, well before any take-over talks happened. In fact, this is exactly what he said on January 5th, 2012, a full twenty-months before a deal was actually announced:

“Steve Balmer, Andy Lees and Stephen Elop, Kai Ostamo will meet in Las Vegas to finalize agreement about Nokia smartphone unit. Bye Nokia” - Eldar Murtazin, 1/2012

In Murtazin's world, Microsoft agreed to buy Nokia in January 2012, not September 2013. The deal was all but inked! Talks did begin earlier though, it’s just Murtazin was one-year off. At least according to All Things D who learned the discussion began in earnest in January 2013.

Anyone pointing to his correctness in the Microsoft-Nokia deal are, to put it mildly, grossly mislead. In fact, many in the media were making that prediction and saw it as an inevitable move by Redmond. But claiming that the deal is about to be signed twenty months before it happens is not accuracy in reporting, my fellow tech writers.

In addition, Murtazin also incorrectly claimed that Windows Phone 7 apps would not run on Windows Phone 8, and that developers would “need to rewrite all apps”. That wasn’t even close to being right.

Finally, here are some other of his public flubs:

We’re sure there’s more, but with that track record we’re not sure why news sites take anything he says seriously.

Windows Phone 9 and the future of Metro UI

Although we have shown that Murtazin is often severely wrong with his “inside” info, many are taking his latest claim today to heart. Here is what he said on Twitter:

“Windows phone 9 (2014 3-4q) have another UI. That's not tales. I repeat - Microsoft change UI from Metro style...”

First of all, no one is predicting Windows Phone 9 will be released in 2014. The latest internal information we have on Windows Phone 8.1 is it will be out before the summer. The idea that Microsoft will push out a whole OS refresh to the level of requiring a new UI and number change just a few months later is ridiculous.

Mary Jo Foley, a far more reputable source on Microsoft intel, says that ‘Threshold’, which is not Windows Phone 9, isn’t expected until spring 2015. In fact, as far as we know, there is not much work yet done on Windows Phone 9, with plans of unifying it with RT not happening until 2016. Here’s what we’re expecting for a Windows Phone OS timetable:

  • Windows Phone 8.1 “Blue” – Before summer 2014
  • Windows Phone 8.1 GDR Updates – Frequency/dates unknown
  • Windows Phone “8.2” aka “Threshold” – spring 2015
  • Windows Phone 9 – Not even being talked about at the development level

Going further, we spoke to some people familiar with the situation about this claim of a UI shift away from Live Tiles.  What we heard was quite definitive: “sounds ridiculous” with no one on any of the teams or management talking about movement away from the current design strategy.

In fact, Murtazin made this claim earlier and it was so crazy that the Windows Phone Design team publicly ridiculed him on Twitter.

Now let’s be cautious here: Microsoft will not keep the UI stagnant. Every operating system goes through evolution. Case in point, Windows Phone 7 to 7.5 had an overhaul to Live Tiles. Windows Phone 7.x to Windows Phone 8 lost the gutter to maximize space, new Tile sizes and new colors. Windows Phone 8 Update 3 received 1080P support and three columns of Tiles.

Because of that, we’re certainly not prepared to say nothing will change between Windows Phone 8 Update 3 and say Windows Phone 8.1. And we’re definitely wouldn’t say that about “Windows Phone 9”, which is so far off on radar that it’s silly to pontificate on. Microsoft will adapt the OS as the hardware progresses, user feedback is evaluated and the design team proposes.

But as of today, in December 2013, there are no plans to our knowledge (or our sources) of a “new UI” inbound for Windows Phone.

And to our friends at fellow tech sites, please, exercise better judgment next time.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This myth buster is very reassuring
  • People always trying to start shit.
  • Yeah fuck Murtazin. Microsoft's vision for the future of Metro is here:
  • I want this so bad. But did anyone else notice the only thing that wasn't smart was the cabinet?
  • Microsoft has to do something to remain competitive. The Start Screen is a (The) central piece of the Windows Phone operating system from a user's perspective and it is getting old. I stated this before, they need to bring improvements here or people will go/remain with android where they can customize whatever they want. I am not saying that MS has to give free access for everyone to do whatever he wants, but if MS doesnt do that they better keep this central piece in constant top shape. For instance they can inovate by allowing multiple pages of tiles, or they can segment the scrolling in such a way that you have more control when swiping. I dont think the tile concept will go away anytime soon, at least not without the entire OS going away, so that is a sure No, but I am definetley sure MS is aware of the need to constantly improve the visuals of WP and they will act on it sooner rather than later.
  • I have to agree with you a bit on this one, man.   Being an avid iPad user, and recently switching from a prepaid Android phone to a Lumia 521 (which I am loving, by the way!), I can definitely see some room for MS to differentiate itself. I love iOS because it just works and Apple doesn't let third party developers/wireless carriers muck with the core operating system (all mostly true of WP8 too). Android is a blooming mess to me, but I can see the appeal to cuastomize it to fit your every whim (WP8 does allow for SD cards, but that's about all it does over iOS in this arena). If WP 8.1+ would allow you to customize the keyboard, use external mice/keyboards, integrate Skype into all messaging (like iOS does with iMessage), and have a fully-functional file manager... I really think it could hit the sweet-spot.Two of those, Apple will never do, and the other two are cornerstones of the Android experience.
  • Why do you think Andrioid is a mess in the first place| Microsft did differernciate it self with both windows phone and windows 8 you may not know it because u just hope on windows phone but because andriod 4+ and iOS 6+ windows was the only one with the whole skinney image until andriod stold it and then apple. with ios 7 now eveyone want to go skinney yes but windows phone is unique in everyway i have a lumia 920 that gdr brick had to sswitch to samsung note 3 and i hate it to the bone i wish i could get my lumia fix so bad because andriod sucks badly not even copying wp ui cant fix andriod mess
  • paged tile screens on the start screen might be a viable option for speedier navigation. One thing is certain though, they need to be very cautious with how they go about implementing changes, like apple was with things like copy paste, etc. 
  • "People always trying to start shit." It takes an arsehole to start shit.
  • I still want to see the charm bar implemented. Then I can share from anywhere, even the Bing News app.
  • ⬆⬆⬆⬆ This ⬆⬆⬆⬆ ... That's exactly what I suggested, and it would make perfect sense.. Maybe the notification center could be on the charms bar.. Great idea❕
  • Yup I would love the charms on my 1020. I can incision it there right now. Iwas thinking that earlier today charms would be nice.
  • Ha!
  • I mean why do I have to open Shazam to tag and post to Facebook or Twitter what song in listening to. Bing audio already listens and tags what your listening to yet there is no way to share that on any social media site. Just another example of why adding the charm bar to WP to share is awesome. Especially since you can only swipe from the top and bottom on WP as opposed to being able to swipe in from all four sides on Windows8.
  • You can swipe from right/left off screen. As far as I know Unify is the only app that lets you. It's the best remote app for x86 Windows.
  • We don't need the whole charms bar. Search and Start are already buttons, just need to allow WP apps to subscribe as search providers. Settings and Share would be nice as universally accessible actions I have to assume this is coming eventually. Its too obvious not to be
  • Charms bar would take up so much space...its good on the surface but dont put it on my 1020. Unless its an optional
  • It would help unify the WP and Win8 UX.
  • Yea but there has to be a little difference between a phone and a tablet os imo. Gestures and stuff work on this like the surface due to its size..
  • I'm pretty sure they could scale it.
  • Maybe make it part of a swipable notification center?
  • Iphone OS7 and their notification center and control center are very nice and decent, I woun't mind something like this implemented to our phones. It is really very helpfull also hope there will be eventually some sort of jailbreak which will allow us to tweak the interface the way we like.
  • It doesnt have to be identical to Windows and it wont stay on the screen all the time. Its a global set of controls available to all apps with a swipe. I would love to see more unification with Windows/RT. Make copy-patse work the same, multitasking/closing apps, etc all the same.
  • It should be identical to windows 8.1/rt. Unified design and layout. We don't need the back button or the search button. Disable them in wp8.1. Instead swipe in from the right for the charm bar with search, share, devices, settings. Swipe up from the bottom to bring up all programs. Swipe from the left to bring up running apps to switch between them and/or close them. Swipe down from the top to get a notification center. Keep the three dots inside apps to access their settings as it is. I really enjoy windows 8 and Windows Phone, but some of the inconsistencies with how they function between each other should be ironed out.
  • +925
  • There's already a toolbar where devs could implement sharing-feature if they support it.
  • Hou have the charms bar in the bottom dotted menue.
  • I'd like to see semantic zoom and appgroups from windows 8 on the WP8.1 startscreen
  • It certainly would be... [puts on sunglasses] ...charming. YEAAHHHHHH!   Oh gawd, that was extra-stupid and horrible.  I apologize.
  • Well said
  • Lol
  • Who knows. It's not like anyone from MS would publicly say they were changing the design, even it they panned on it.  But yeah, I doubt they do this soon. But indeed, MS will have to do something eventually, or fall in the same trap that iOS has fell in. No matter what they do, it's just going to be icons. With WPX, it's just going to be tiles. No way to relly customize it. 
  • "Who knows. It's not like anyone from MS would publicly say they were changing the design, even it they panned on it. "
    That's why we talked to people who do know.
  • And they wouldn' tell a fan blog they were going to make major changes to the OS, even if they were. You really think your clout is that good. LMAO.
  • And you think that WP Central is just a "fan blog"?? Wake up guy... There is more in there that you can imagine...
  • 1jaxstate1 - You clearly don't the meaning of "sources". We have a very good track record on future Windows Phone plan for devices and changes coming.  Then again, what am I doing defending myself to a "guy" named "1jaxstate1"...fml.
  • 1DanielRubino1
  • Apparently the username 1jaxstate1 is going to be available for anyone interested... BANNED!
  • The guy reporting this has been right and wrong, just like other people who report on future WP news. So maybe he has "sources" also.  I wasn't attacking you, but you felt the need to defend yourself, so be it. And as far as you not liking my screenname, my cry, two tears in a bucket, F*X# it, take it to the stage. 
  • Yes, you were attacking. And btw Sherlock, everyone on Earth is sometimes right and sometimes's the ratio that counts, his record speaks for itself, and they just clarified that.
  • Are you bored?
  • You rather believe this one little guy than the #1 site for windows phone. This site has been more wrong than right in its history.
  • It's complete conjecture.
    Just read the points in this article alone, it goes against things that are known and common sense.
    There are a few VERY trusted Microsoft bloggers who dispute everything he said as well.
  • Man, if you have known Russian (eldar murtazin's language) and have read fully what he posts you would've never compared wpcentral to this clown. He really obviously has no sources in Microsoft. He is a Microsoft antifan, and looking back at his very subjective reviews at one may say if he has a personal attitude to something he can't be objective with that. He may have a good track leaking info about android or something but never about msft and Nokia. We stopped taking him serious here more than a year ago, glad wpcentral joins.
  • WPCentral has no sources in Microsoft either. Every tidbit you'll see posted here is first either reported by Tom Warren on The Verge, Paul Thurott or Mary Jo Foley. These are the three big guns you should follow for Microsoft news.
  • Wpcentral never said they have. They just analyze those you named for us so we may not do it ourselves. But eldar claimed he has while that's obviously not true speaking of Win and WP (or his sources are compromising). Wpcentral not only excluded him from the list of reliable sources but also explained why for us. If one still trusts eldar, he may subscribe for him manually, why not.
  • Come on Daniel, you of all people know better than to feed the trolls lol
  • if only i could like comments
  • Exactly. This isnt a fan blog. This site is a very good source for windows/windows phone news. Microsoft and nokia share information with this site and others. Verge, engadget etc.... It would be stupid to change the design now when its doing well. Cmon man use some logic
  • We figured it out in one topic here on wpcentral that this site has grown way more to than just a wp oriented news/fansite. It became more of a hub where you can get the news about whatever is going around Microsoft operatin system including Windows RT, 8.1 Xbox and lot more of other stuff. I'm for once happy when every morning I wake up and can see lots of news and new apps. (living on eastern hemisphere). Before this website I barely knew what was XBOX at all, hear of it, never knew it's from Microsoft. Never would discover a lot of information about new useful apps, great promotions and new tablets, this really everything I need. I completely forgot about Engadget, Verge, CNet. Macrumors is no longer even a site for me. I found what I want on wpcentral and even bout an app in the Store. (first and so far the last app I've ever bought.). And I guess with all these rumors about changing of the interface, those who actually been around for more than 3-4 months here, wouldn't seriously believe that UI change towards Android like thing would be coming. And a lot more... But that's some other time. Thank WPCentral. You guys rock.
  • Thank you for using the word Columns instead of Rows like so many people do when discussing the big screen tile layout... :D
  • That thing holding up my roof in the porch...column or row?
  • android
  • get a life @borasar! XD
  • Wife.
  • That too :)
  • I believe its a nermble numbumergle.
  • I would imagine it would be a lot closer to Windows 8. MS is only on record stating that there will be new start screen innovations coming. That's about it. It's hard to fathom a new UI that moves away from live tiles.
  • There's so much potential with "Metro" beyond the same lame grid style of Android and iOS. Destroying it would be a mistake.
  • I suppose eventually they will need to overhaul (ios 6 was looking fairly long in the tooth) but we're 3-4 years away I'd say
  • Read this on wmpoweruser. Show bit about drive towards more Android like UI. Stopped reading and branded tipster an idiot. WP doesn't follow trends, it sets them and others try to copy.
  • All successful OSes follow trends.  No company can predict everything that will work well with consumers.
  • You are correct, no company can predict what consumers will like but may i ask what os did what wp does, what trend did it follow with its UI and UX? There is only one i can think of, webOS and that's with the multitasking which everyone has stolen because it was the best and possibly still is. I know, i was a pre owner and a huge fan of the innovations of webOS. To me, wp was the only logical choice after webOS, ios and android did nothing for me.
  • I don't think it the UI needs major changes. Subtle, functional changes are welcome, but as it stands today, it's timeless in the sense that it could've been utilized 2 or 3 decades ago (even from now) and it would still look modern. The bad thing about reduction is that it has a limit (and windows phone was there with only type and 2 or 3 colors) and the only way to go is addition. I'm not a fan of the added column, the bigger the tiles the better they look.
    The new start screen is starting to look like one of those static poles at a landmark that has about 20 signs pointing in the direction of a metropolitan city with its distance, but instead it rotates around its axis and the signs flip randomly.
    I love windows phone for its simplicity, it's absurd even, so much so that it's been out-designing apple for years. The only way for Apple to strike back without flat out imitation was to use either triangles or circles, both of which are absurd to the point that they can't be reduced any further, they've gone the circular way. And in the color department they took the opposite approach of windows phone (monochromatic) and used harmonious neon and pastel color palettes (those folks know how to spin a color wheel). We took opacity and they went with translucency... both different aesthetic approaches that attract the viewer. Android on the other hand is all over the place, looking like a mini desktop OS with an identity crisis. I find it deeply disturbing that anyone could find the aesthetics of android aspirational, there isn't anything inspirational about android, that would be like a French or Italian couturier being inspired by the sale rack at Sears.
  • That was some great reading, almost poetic, especially the relating to Androids OS.
  • @DreadVenom, I am so tired of reading it.. just tell me is he trolling?
  • I actually loved reading it.
  • Honestly I liked Android as an idea, but the way it was working even on the latest hardware, those tiny lags which poping once here and there were driving me mad on the phones I was checking in the shops. Unlike windows phone 7 when everything seemed so smooth even on the shitiest hardware. That's why I got Lumia 800, than 920 for my GF, Than 900 for my mom than 920 for myself. Running a bit low on cash these days, but hope I can Get ACER Iconia w4 this new year. But I was terrified of w3 and it's slow unresponsive experience. But these new tiny cheap full 8.1 tabs are seem so nice these days that I won't hesitate to pick it over overpriced iPads and Droid tablets.
  • If relating to 'saltellezjr', no trolling, just some valid points and then obliteration of droid os :). If relating to the guy in the main article, yes he is major troll and don't waste your time.
  • Analytical writing used to be my favorite subject until I learned trig and calculus.
  • Wow, what a wonderful comment!
  • Ya. Absolutely. That's exactly why a Nokia UI engineer has to say this:      
  • Well, tbh, he did say "All successful OSes"... :P
  • Great job
  • I want DJBS to say something which starts a mini fight...
  • In a matter of a week you went from not knowing why people dislike him, to jumping on the badwagon. If he hasn't posted here, it's probably good not mention him at all don't you think?
  • I didnt bash him atleast...rather its funny how his remarks start a huge discussion here. :)
  • Well, in his defence, he just holds a few contrarian views. That should not be reason enough for hating him. Just a different point of view. Yes, sometimes his tone might be too provocative, but when he calms down, he does say things that actually made sense if you saw it from a different perspective. The blind hate here is baffling.
  • Blind hate for anything that contradicts your beliefs is common in both religion and fanboyism. ;) P.S. I do think WP UI will change over the next couple of years, it pretty much has to imo. I doubt they'd move away from Metro-design for a while though.
  • Well written! :)
  • Bravo.
  • Why no zero on the Rum'o'meter?
  • Truth be told, we don't have a '0', lol. But I did forget so I have added on now, thanks.
  • Anytime.
  • This. Eldar deserves a big fat zero.
  • Deserves a big fat zero, he is a big fat zero ;-)
  • What the hell is an "interface inspired by Android", exactly? You mean like some sort of desktop-like metaphor with icons and stuff? Revolutionary!
  • Wondering the same thing
  • Lol
  • It means they're going to be going scrap Windows Phone and go back to what they had with Windows Mobile "Photon". Lol Seriously, anybody that listens to Murtazin anymore deserves to lose all credibility. *cough* wmpoweruser *cough*
  • Neowin also believed him as well.
  • An interface inspired by android which was inspired by iOS. Is this clown from 2007...
  • It would mean that they're going to take the clean Modern UI, and turn it into a chaotic pile of crap... inspired by Android.
  • that would be metro, since android has been inspired by modern lately.
  • So Daniel what's your take on his accusation with MS giving Samsung $1 billion to continue support developing WP devices? I sent a tip bout it but don't know much about this guy
  • Honestly I have no idea. Going by his track record, I wouldn't believe it. Sounds crazy.
  • As much as I would like that to be true as I use a Samsung ATIV S I think you're right ;)
  • For me is just simple: now we have just ONE team for ALL OSes. So, we can expect much much much much things from Windows 8.1 coming to WP 8.1 and exactly this for the next versions. And, I dont imagine a future in Microsoft without tiles. The thing I imagine is that tiles will evolve, just like they already did sometimes...
  • Go tiles! I dig tiles.
  • These tech rumourmongers are a danger to the whole ecosystem, spreading misinformation and confusion like that.
  • That literally represents at least 85-90% of what's out there. They are completely ruining mobile tech and I think they love it. Gives otherwise worthless weenies a sense of "power".
  • "a UI inspired by Android". Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...
  • Your comment has shown that the CSS coding in the commen section needs to be fixed. it went off the grey box to the side.
  • lol.. long live IT guys
  • Lol
  • Glad I could help! I didn't notice, it wraps fine on the WP app. One thing that does break on the WP app though is really long comments; get long enough and the entire coloured background disappears.
  • Same happens on Whatsapp. Reported to the WA team. I think we need to open issue with XAML guys at MSFT.
  • Indeed, they need a little of this... .comment-body p { word-wrap: break-word; }
  • When Nik Rolls on the floor laughing this is what happens.
  • haha nice one
  • I love Windows Phone, but to be honest, I wouldn't mind an evolutionary overhaul.
  • Huh. I like this article.
  • Wouldn't mind if there was some truth to this rumor. Live tiles need a re-work. They often don't work properly and are rather limited in functionality and information. Plus, I mean, jeez that top pic of the 3columns if tiles is just getting to be a bit too crazy. I love metro and have been on board with it since I got my Zune HD. But evolving the UI and UX keeps it fresh, and cribbing some if the stuff that android has done (or some of the better ideas from interface concepts we've seen over the years) is a great way to make the OS better and better.
  • Changes, improvements, etc. to Live Tiles are not what we're talking about. Murtazin is saying they're going away completely. 
  • Fair enough, and I agree. That's why I said *some* truth not all truth, haha. :)
  • They shouldn’t have called them live tiles in first place. They are not live. If anything they should have called them dynamic tiles. I suppose they called them live tiles as a marketing term. But the term is misleading. Perhaps call them Every 30 minute live tiles?
  • Haha true. And they've even become less "alive" since the transition to wp8-- the music tile in wp7 used to show band pictures all the time, even if the player was off. Now it's just a lame green tile (unless you're currently playing music). You better believe it looks alive in all the marketing material, though.
  • They will fix the refresh rate eventually. The people tile is still really live for me .
  • I might have missed something, but I don't see anything in his statement indicating that live tiles would go away completely; metro refers to the style of the OS, not the function. Could also be that live tiles will get widget- or cover-like functionality to them, which would be welcome and "android-like". The statement I've read is too vague to really mean anything.
  • Yeah, exactly not this.  ^
  • I really cant believe there are still people who believes in what Eldar Murtazin says with such bad source track and really off rumors!... I sighed today when I saw technobuffalo reported it instead of ignoring it. I rumor this Eldar guy is the bad twin of Daniel Rubino, one writes false and silly and really made up rumors and the other (Daniel) has to fight that with a nice article! and just because I want to be cool and follow Wpcentral trend in comments. where is DJBS! where is him!?! (no, I dont care. I just wanted to say it. I dont even care what he says, I dont even read his comments :))
  • I think Eldar is the doppleganger to DJBS. One hates Nokia zealously, the other sympathizes with them over zealously
  • Who would be "inspired by" desing language of Android?
  • Android has a design language!!?!
  • Hadnt heard of him before I read this piece just now. Then I did a search; He seems to have had a long history with Nokia.
  • Yep. He used to have a lot of good connections in Nokia and release truthful info gleaned from them. Then he started bad-mouthing Symbian, his connections dried up, and now he makes up the news to get hits on his website and feel loved. Where's that 'forever alone' meme pic ...
  • Lol, i want to have six small tiles in a line on my 920. Come on Microsoft
  • Eldar is and will always be a Nokia hater and a Troll. As for Microsoft dropping Live Tiles, never say never but they really have no need to even consider dropping Live Tiles. The current layout is spot on and works very well. Whatever improvements that can be made will be made but I don't see a complete overhaul taking place that copies anything from Android, other than a pull down notification centre.
  • The other sites don't care about the facts. They only thing they like is that Microsoft will abandon its UI in favor or their beloved Android UI. They want Microsoft to fail no matter what. Anything good Microsoft creates sucks because WP "only" has 180K apps.
  • This guy is looking for attention, what a loser.
  • I wish more sites would read your commentary on the January 2012 "prediction". Everyone in comments sections all over the web were calling out a MS/Nokia deal from the beginning. This guy just tosses out a fake scenario with executives meeting so it sounds like it has teeth...yada yada people look at the dude as Nostradamus and anything he blabs about is taken as gospel.   Edit: This is why I like WPC. I read this earlier on pocketnow and they did an okay job of saying they were skeptical, but others mentioned wmpoweruser, which I stopped following because it became too unreliable as it just felt like a fanboy site. No offense to anyone willing to push news/rumors out, but in a world where so many sites have this news, I appreciate that WPC uses a filter.
  • Microsoft hired Ben Afleck to create a 3D holographic UI. Paycheck 2!
  • They also have Jim Caviezel on their payroll, in .NET team (watch video). (-8
  • First off, great aticle. I'm sure it will be largely ignored by those who love to scream that the MS sky is falling, but still to those of us who actually care it's good to see this.  But this part:
    "We’re sure there’s more, but with that track record we’re not sure why news sites take anything he says seriously"   It's simple... for whatever weird reason people love to see MS "fail". They love to see them falter in any way, and most of all they seem to want to be the first to say "they saw it coming". There is a fair amount of hate shot toward MS, and most of it is simply due to people feeling like they have to legitimize their purhases.
    This is the reason I've come to simply ignore and avoid most sights. I have had quite enough of reading article after article from nobody's who can't leave opinions on the shelf write the real.
  • "legitimize their purhases" that is totally true.
  • I feel exactly the same way. I have cut down on reading nearly 20 tech sites to just WPC and a few subreddits since it is so out of hand.
  • Didn't the Lumia 910 actually launch though? I seem to recall reading about an exclusive Dutch version.
  • Murtazin is synonymous to me with false information for awhile now. If he told me the sky was blue, I'd look up just to check it still was.
  • Nicely put :)
  • Works for Google, no doubt!
  • He has closest ties with Samsung at the moment.
  • Very good report of everything with this topic The truth is WP have the best smartphone OS desing of all at this moment, better and cleaner and android, and A LOT! better and cleaner than iSHITRAINBOWOS
  • Mobile Nation's Brain>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone else's combined
  • You're right :)
  • Very good article, finally someone who criticized that rumor.
  • Be prepared! As windows phone gets bigger and better we will see more and more of these "fortune tellers" appear with their B.S. predictions, trying to scare people away from WP and into who ever is willing to pay them. Just look at what Samsung did, paying people for badmouthing other brands in blogs and tech sites.
  • And what can inspired windows phone by android . Android its a fake IOS  
  • Still logic and the information we have do lead to WP and RT merging and I can well see a more RT like UI on phones. Quite frankly I think the current RT startscreen with charmbar would lend itself very well to implementation on 720p and better phones.  IMO the Charms bar could come up from the bottom in portrait (swipe up) and from the right in landscape (swipe left). In both cases the bar actually is in the same location and the swipe is in the same direction really (from the bottom end of the phone up) This would basically kill the need for physical/fixed buttons and allow for non or minute bezel screens. I can completely see that happen even in Threshold.   That said, this guy is obviously trying to predict the obvious, just like I predict WP will overtake iOS before 2017. :D
  • Squashed
  • git rebase -i and squash   #Exactly!
  • Well this article eased my concerns, thanks.  Last thing I want is for WP to be more like Android in design.
  • Its just fortune teller type bull crap...make really broad generalized predictions, put a loose timeframe around them, and declare victory.  When it doesn't meet the timeframe he states, he can say "I wasn't wrong, M$ delayed it"...   And of course the UI will evolve over time...a rolling stone gathers no either innovate or die in the tech of course it won't stay stagnant...DUH!
  • Silly rumor. Live Tiles is one of the best features of WP! Fanbois and Famdroids are green with envy of this feature...
  • Thanks goodness you guys at wpcentral just did an article on that. At least I can reference some source when co-workers or friends "find out" about the "news" that guy is spreading without any foundation. At least it saves us some hassle explaining it to others. Awesome job as always, keep it clean, keep it modern, keep it metro!
  • Great article, tiles are not going anwhere. Here is where I can see them going:  You press a certain spot on the Live Tile, or it is a pre-determined setting, and the tile gets larger. The YouTube tile then becomes interactive. You will search for your video of funny cats and it will begin to play right there in your very Modern UI. You can then swipe left to the Bing News tile where you will be reading the latest article about politics in the Mid East. The article then gets boring so you swipe further left to the Email tile where you can scroll through your emails with ease. Your aunt sends you another cat video so you click the link and your UI automatically swipes back to the YouTube tile and begins playing the video.  This is my vision, what is yours?  
  • live tiles and windows 8 is about as efficient as you can get. though, I've seen some pretty sloppy start menus, for example my girl friend has a tile for every single program installed on her laptop, which drives me crazy. If I need Photo shop I smart search it. I don't see Microsoft changing the UI anytime soon. This is their new image. haters will always be hating
  • There could indeed be a new UI in the works. However this could also mean Modern UI 2.0. One UI across all platforms. Since Windows 8 is the main OS and now W8 and WP8 are developed by one team, its likely that WP8.1 will look more like Windows 8. It's very possible that by the time Windows 9 is out it will be one UI for all intended purposes. One UI that adapts to the screensize, screen resolution, touch capability and other aspects of the device running it.
  • To be fair to Android, it does have a few nice UI bits especially the new flat (not metro-flat) with subtle shadows and gradients, which is something I feel Metro was wrong to neglect in the first place when MS chose to go super flat.
    So I would more than welcome SUBTLE shadows/gradients in WP. Other than that I think it would be stupid to swap Metro's philosophy for the clunky, cluttered and largely inconsistent Android UI. N.B: I love to think the next evolution of Metro would look something like this
  • I still think the App list should be based on categories not just alphabetical order! have a choice to run your apps in categories from the store or custom categories!
  • That is something I agree with, maybe like Windows 8.1.
  • I know this wasn't real when I read " UI Inspired by Android " lol
  • What they need to do with the UI is simply keep the phone OS looking as is on home screen, but when you turn it sideways, it should look like RT stat menu (Like in image above). Ofcourse real changes would be under the hood, merging RT and WP ecosystems. The UI has nothing to do with it really, overhaul would be pointless and cause consumer confusion. What we need is for MS to build on top of what they have. For example windows phone settings need a reorganization, among many other things. But losing METRO would be plain stupid
  • Eldar's an idiot. Nuff said.
  • Since when is anything 'Android inspired' lmao..
  • Android is now a quasi-metro UI with a bunch of iOS clone elements left over. The only inspiration WP could get from Android is a worse metro implementation or a downgrade to icons.
  • Windows Phone is already just icons. Placing colored squares behind them doesn't change the fact that they are still icons. Icons and non-interactive widgets on colored squares in a grid. at least they could make it somewhat customizable. how about changing the squares to triangles or circles? What about making the "Live" tiles interactive? The music tile could have controls or you could swipe through messages in the email tile.
  • Some interactivity to the tiles would be very welcome. Only had my Jolla for a couple of days, but I already love the interactive covers.
  • That post show just how little you know about Windows Phone!!
  • Sorry but, I keep reading "this summer" in many tech sites. What is "this summer" ? In India of late summer starts in January and ends by December 31st.
  • Sorry, good point. Before June 20th, give or take.
  • I do think that there should be a bit more consistancy between the desktop and the phone, but an entire redesign just doesn't seem plausible at this moment in time.  I hope they do evolve but yet keep the same Metro UI design, with added features, we all agree it can get better!
  • Oh even I think MS agrees with you there and that is the plan. The WP and W8 teams are merging together and that will happen. But that's different from scrapping the Modern UI all together. 
  • I don't think it the UI needs major changes. Subtle, functional changes are welcome, but as it stands today, it's timeless in the sense that it could've been utilized 2 or 3 decades ago (even from now) and it would still look modern. The bad thing about reduction is that it has a limit (and windows phone was there with only type and 2 or 3 colors) and the only way to go is addition. I'm not a fan of the added column, the bigger the tiles the better they look.
    The new start screen is starting to look like one of those static poles at a landmark that has about 20 signs pointing in the direction of a metropolitan city with its distance, but instead it rotates around its axis and the signs flip randomly.
    I love windows phone for its simplicity, it's absurd even, so much so that it's been out-designing apple for years. The only way for Apple to strike back without flat out imitation was to use either triangles or circles, both of which are absurd to the point that they can't be reduced any further, they've gone the circular way. And in the color department they took the opposite approach of windows phone (monochromatic) and used harmonious neon and pastel color palettes (those folks know how to spin a color wheel). We took opacity and they went with translucency... both different aesthetic approaches that attract the viewer. Android on the other hand is all over the place, looking like a mini desktop OS with an identity crisis. I find it deeply disturbing that anyone could find the aesthetics of android aspirational, there isn't anything inspirational about android, that would be like a French or Italian couturier being inspired by the sale rack at Sears.   PS UMM, HOW DOES ONE DELETE THEIR OWN COMMENTS?? have been trying to figure it out for nearly 30 mins... And am I the only one who has to read a captcha e-v-e-r-y-s-i-n-g-l-e time I post?
  • What Captcha?
  • No, just me then?
    I just noticed I get them in mobile safari and mobile ie but not on desktop ie.
  • Ah – I exclusively use IE so maybe that's why I've never seen them.
  • I figured I'll just start visiting here from desktop mode since it doesn't look any different... Do you know how to delete comments?
  • I don't think you can delete on the website, only on the app. And you can only edit for a few minutes.
  • It's funny, I would prefer a more charm based approach on the phone, but my girl who is new to windows 8.1, prefers the Windows Phone 8 back button and task manager. It will be a tough choice, maybe a swipe pad on the bottom instead of back/start/search? I think that might work, since the edges of a lot of phones are so thin to emulate the charm swipe directly.
  • That gesture works quite well on phones, especially ones with curved glass like many of the Lumias. The N9 (same body as the Lumia 800) had an OS that was built entirely around swiping from the edges, and it is a very natural gesture.
  • I see people getting frustrated when swiping and changing pivot instead. But, we'll see what happens, should be exciting!
  • Potentially, yeah. But the curve helps there, becuase it gives you a nice rolling motion onto the glass, which ensures that you hit the very edge of the screet rather than part-way in. But yes, the N9's UI scrolling was decidedly vertical, with most of the gestures horizontal, whereas Windows Phone is very focused around horizontal movement so the gestures may not work as well.
  • Yes! I agree on that!
  • Well said Daniel!!! Case closed!
  • Nice article, Daniel!
  • No UI changes! I like Windows Phone as it is. Live Tiles, the People Hub, Pinning tiles and rearranging them to your liking is fine as it is. If there is no more live tiles and a whole new UI change for Windows Phone 9, I don't want to be a part of it. I think, personally, Windows Phone should stay as it is with Live Tiles, the People Hub, Pinning tiles and rearranging them to your liking. Its better this way.
  • There will certainly be a UI refresh with 8.1, but it's not going to be removing things like the live tile...
  • Thank You!  
  • I didn't know anyone was actually even paying attention to Eldork these days. I wonder if he's still in bed with Samsung?
  • Ok nice, but where is GDR3?!
  • As with all rumours, we'll just have to wait and see if it's true.
  • This might be true. Steve Balmer is like in Katy Perry song. "You change your mind
    Like a girl changes clothes." What happend with Silverlight? What happend with XNA? I am senior .Net developer and I'm not sure of my future, because Microsoft is changing its UI like a girl changes clothes. I hope the next CEO will be better, yet I'm affraid, that Balmer could once again change his mind and stay.
  • Silverlight is almost the exact same as the WinRT framework (not to be confused with Windows RT).... Microsoft has been with this UI since 2006 with the Zune sync software.
  • Sorry but you don't seem to know what you are talking about.
    Microsoft is known for making unexpected u-turns, if you are a developer, you probably got a taste of it, maybe too much. Just to mention a few WPF, XNA, Silverlight, AJAX for, LINQ2SQL, etc.
  • Only change I'd like is the ability to use live tiles as toggles for wifi, flashlight etc. No need for an app screen in that case. Press tile, it flips and shows on, press again and it flips back to off, for example. Other than that, don't you dare mess with my tiles Microsoft!
  • I think you just described the perfect settings toggle tile.
  • I think they have a lot of work to do to allow a bit more flexibility in OS notifications and other behind the scenes stuff, but for a three year old phone OS, I think its pretty tight. Much better than iPhone was at that time IMO.
  • If he had said "Windows 9" I would believe him. Because I think Microsoft WILL end up stepping back with regards to the design of Windows. Although I think they'll keep the tiles around, I think sooner or later they'll end up taking the spotlight out of the Modern UI on full Windows.
    But that's on Windows. On WP? The only redesign I could see them do would be to match the Windows one, meaning, having the tiles scrolling horizontally instead of vertically and move the complete list of apps to the bottom. Just like on Windows. Apart from that...doubt it. Windows Phone 9...lets see if Microsoft will reach that far first. It's Microsoft. They're not known for keeping around projects that aren't lucrative for that long. Let us see who's the next CEO first. Then see if WP manages to survive without Nokia. And THEN concern ourselves with aesthetical redesigns.
  • The Live Tiles are what makes the whole UI unique and Beautiful..
  • For me, the live tiles are super useful, unique, simple to use... They are anything you want, but man are they ugly. Of course the blame should go more towards the Metro Design language than the tile system itself, because it could have kept the same functionality without the crazy design limitations.
  • It's still a long journey .
  • Metro design and live tiles are such a brilliant design, and I absolutely love it!  It's unfortunate that live tiles in 2010-2013 are like Marty McFly shredding 80's heavy metal guitar in 1955 - the general population isn't ready for it yet.  It seems that "average joe user" refuses to move away from Windows 95 design language (arguably 30 year old GUI design).  Android reminds me of Win95 meets iOS - yuk!!!!  But that is my taste, and unfortunately, most people prefer "old school" UI design. I for one say, "bring on the paradigm shift in UI design!!!".  I'm bored and tired of desktop icons and the start menu.
  • Your point is precisely why I don't think we'll see major changes in the UI. The desktop/icon/start menu system was a UI that lasted through several iterations of Windows (95, 98, XP, Vista, 7 + all the network/pro equivalents). People like what they know, so it has taken a while for the modern UI to catch on, but according to PC Mag's spring Reader's Choice awards, Windows Phone users are far more satisfied with their devices than their Apple or Android counterparts. As more and more people transition to Windows 8 on their computers and buy Windows tablets, they're going to like the similarity between their large screen UI and their phones. A previous poster mentioned the webOS and I do miss one feature of my HP Veer: When apps were in preview mode (whatever it's called - where you see thumbnails of all your open apps), you could swipe upward to close the app. I'd love to see that on my 920.
  • MJ and Thurrott have already talked about what changes to expect, so where did this guy get air from.
    Next evolution of "metro" is bringing RT closer to Phone UI. Xbox and WP looks pretty similar while W8 separates it self's a lot.
  • Tiles is what differntiate WP from others and MS will change them so soon.. This guy[maurtazin] is an idiot who just need attention with his garbage news.
  • Frankly I think WP8 gets alot right as far as the UI goes. Maybe some features will be added, but as a whole I think the paradigm is pretty nice.
  • This Eldar idiot has been putting out bad info on Nokia long before the change to windows mobile. Nokia snubbed him for leaking phones years ago. He joined with some very bad writers at Engadget and started writing horrible reviews of Nokia products. At the time he and Engadget were the only bad reviews for some advancements in phone cameras that eventually became what is used today by Nokia. It was so bad half of the Engadget writers were forced to resign and they have not used Eldar as a legit source since....except when he does manage to leak a phone every once in a while. P.s. The worst of those writers was Chris Zeigler, that idiot is the editor of The Verge now.
  • Hey Daniel, it seems like this dude's been spending a lot of time un-credibling himself. Was just wondering why the write-up just to debunk it.
  • Wow...prickly bloke this mr rubino.  
  • Thank goodness for WPCentral. Love that y'all always keep it real WITH facts!
  • I like how he says "this is not tales" essentially admitting that his past rumors have been BS. I also like how Apple is copying aspects of WP into iOS and iPhones now. (flat interfact and the colors for phones)
  • What calendar app is that in the picture?  TIA.
  • I really enjoy The Metro UI and i think MS will be crazy if seis planning to change everything in The right moment that WP gets more users day by day.
  • It's ridiculous to think about that because of 2 things: Windows 8.1 and Xbox one
  • I don't think this guy has ever touched a Windows Phone. Microsoft is going with one UI for all their OSes. If they change to something look like Android, they would do it on PC and Xbox too. This rumor is way off.
  • Not saying the guy is right, but he DID predict that Nokia will go WP, even when Nokia NA denied that rumor.
  • hardly a prediction seeing as Nokias new CEO at the time was from Microsoft. going to windows was not the big news, it was that they were scrapping Meego.
  • What the hell is meryzain saying?!
  • "UI based off Android"? Are you kidding me? Android's UI copied Windows Phone.
    FORGET IT!!!
  • As you said, his reporting is not accurate. Agreed.
    Then, why are you dedicating a whole post for him?
    Post counts and page hits. And thats exactly why everyone else out there reports whatever Eldar says. And hence, he keeps on saying something or the other.
    Please stop feeding the troll.
  • I am not surprised if this Eldar fellow is employed by other rival OS to confuse future WP owners and make them shy away from WP.
  • This person was the first to say that Nokia would adopt Windows phone and he was also the first person to say that nokia would sell its smartphone division to MS. So, his news can be trusted. Regarding , windows phone team laughing at the idea . Do, you seriously think that they would repeat the same mistake again ? They told that windows 7 handsets won't be updated to windows phone 8 . Because of that win pho7 sales tanked. They are smart enough to not repeat that mistake again. But it doesn't matter anyway , Windows phone OS is destined to fail. No matter what they do , they can't change that.
  • You're wrong, or at best, not unlike that guy, you're talking about things you don't know about. Also being sadly negative. Scratch that, plain trolling.
  • actually he was not the first. it was an obvious assumption with elop being hired away from microsoft. you obviously have no idea who he is and the sort of bad publicity he brings to the industry. he used to have all the writers of engadget in his pocket before they were forced to leave. his reviews have been reveiwed as bad press on more then one occasion, not just here. what he did to piss off nokia nearly a decade ago would not sit well with any company and his entire existance since has been to write false reviews with false data about nokia. 3 major web sites caught engadget trying to quote him once as all the data he used was flawed. ever since engadget has lost most of its credibility. they had no choice but to drop writers and start from scratch. Eldar is a trojan in the industry, idiots who listen to him push what he says on the masses and it interupts progress and hurts sales for no good reason.
  • Wpcentral is one of the few serious places for tech news after all...
  • Everyone in Russia laughs on his articles. Does that bastard write in English too?
  • We've heard that Microsoft is working on a new, super-intelligent, voice-oriented interface for Windows and Windows Phone which will put Siri to shame. When I first heard that, I assumed it implied that the Metro live tile interface would be replaced with something else. It would seem like the new interface would be oriented around this new Bing-based technology. So this isn't surprising.
  • Don't you think that the screen isn't suitable to handle windows 8 UI instead of wp8 UI
  • A charms bar with share and quick tools such as brightness and media playback would be cool and real helpful
  • Hmm
  • We need new update where. You can close programs faster
  • Tiles, realtime notification, these are awesome.. Why ms need to change it?? MS should improve it, don't change
  • LOLZ on the FKer who claimed all this bullshit!I guess people are getting jealous of WP's popularity and growth!Well to these bullcrap people,please Fk off from Windows.
  • Just glad @evleaks wasn't the harbinger, his track record is pretty darn spot on
  • Window Phone without Live Tiles = Fail.
  • Daniel you forgot what is perhaps Murtazin's most famous failed prediction: in 2011, a couple of months before MS and Nokia announced their parnership, Murtazin claimed insider knowledge that Nokia would in fact choose Android over Windows Phone!   My grandma can make more informed predictions than that clown
  • Murtazin seems to have an axe to grind. I used to follow his site for a quite a few years, and it was his 2004 review of the Nokia 6170 that spurred me to buy it. It was a great little phone, for its day. But it was his June 2012, Spillikins 176 article titled: Nokia Tragedy: Elop's Treason, on mobile-review that convinced me that he had lost the plot... (sorry it wouldn't let me post the link) Sure he saw the two becoming one, some day, and like you said so did many others. But a conspirasy? I doubt it. More like, someone who now has agenda to discredit Nokia... (and now Microsoft, by association)
  • I'm a windows users, I believe in potential of windows phone!
  • Murtazin always tells a lot of BS!!
  • He did say that the icons will have rounded edges and I think that they may give users the choice of how much rounding to apply to their tiles, just to make them more distinct or give them transparency.
  • You've already busted a myth once, don't you rememder? - That myth was also started by Murtazin, by the way.  
  • I don't miss reading speculations from this guy.  Clearly when he's out of the spotlight for a while he comes up with some wild story that is fiction. I don't think his mom payed enough attention to him.
  • I guess I should use this comment section to vent. Eldar is the reason why rumors do get started and tarnishes the reputations of people and companies. This is absolutely disgusting and mobile review should just can his ass.  Is he an employee of Google?
  • I could be wrong, but I think he is If it isn't his site, then he surely is/was the main man there. ( I say was because it seems that site has gone dead. The last bit of news on there is July 2012)
  • No I know his job there. I was just joking around about him being a Google employee.
  • He looks deranged.
  • The reason I stick with WP8 is the tile design. Yes, it can use improvements to some parts (system tray, getting the "charm" swipes like in W8) but overall it's a fantastically simple and efficient way to display information and getting the user involved. Obviously, Microsoft thinks so too, what with the idea being implemented across all platforms. Any rumor that says they will go all Android on us anytime soon can be summarily dismissed...
  • Must have for update. Add functional right swipe for tasks, facebook and stuff! Tired of home screen filling up.
  • OF COURSE it will be Evolutional!  This guy is just predicting obvious things and exaggerating, and making guesses about timing.  Why give him press space? I could see transparency used or maybe 3D also, to enhance the tiles, or of course the Charms ideas. Great!
  • Idiot tipster.
  • so, my dream scenario for WP would be a home screen that has a photo background, with customizable live tiles on it.  I guess, you could say similar to android, in that it would have a photo background of my choosing.  keep the live tiles though, and let me layer them and size them to my hearts content over the photo...and make win8 gestures, drag down to close, multitasking swipe from left, charms menu swipe from right, and on charms menu would be shortcuts to "notifications", "share", "settings"........swipe up to see all apps
  • Well, there was a leaked Vertu WP device shown on the web, that was shelved after Nokia sold the company..
  • If I was going to design a new and revolutionary interface, I don't think I'd use Android as a model.  Android has the most confusing, counter-intuitive and poorly designed interface of any phone system.  The concept of live tiles simply and demonstrably blows it away.
  • The article forgots to mention the biggest prediction failure of this blogger - predicting that Microsoft surely not interrested in bying Nokia, just two months before Microsoft bought Nokia :). The article at his site mobile-review, Spillikins number 230, end of the second part of the article.
  • That was a fun read.  Thanks Daniel. 
  • +920 This is a very nice article. Thank you for clarifying something I didn't even know was happening. Rumors are cool but unnecessary in this case. Notification center please.