Strange Brigade gets Texas rodeo hero, future plans detailed

Strange Brigade launched a few weeks ago, and Rebellion just dropped some more content for the experience. Alongside a new paid hero — Patrick Conaghan — Strange Brigade owners can also download three new "Score Attack" levels and a new "Horde Mode" level. While the hero costs money, the other content is free of charge.

Strange Brigade is a curious game which blends Egyptian mythology and third-person shooting together. The game follows the story of the "Witch Queen Seteki". Risen from the dead, Seteki commands an army of mummified monstrosities who want to destroy the world. However, it's up to the Strange Brigade, a band of brave adventurers, to fight back. The story is eerily similar to what happens in all "The Mummy" films. You have to team up with some quirky characters to halt the apocalypse.

The developer also detailed all of the upcoming free and paid DLC. In October, the "Thrice Damned" campaign begins, which will last until November. Season pass owners will also get three additional character expansion packs, each featuring weapons, amulet powers, and heroes. You can read about the major content below.

Early October

  • The Thrice Damned: Isle of the Dead
  • Tessie Caldwell hero
  • "Internal Firestorm" amulet power
  • Free Score Attack and Horde levels

Late October

  • The Thrice Damned: The Sunken Kingdom
  • Hachiro Shimuzu hero
  • "Piercing Pestilence" amulet power
  • Free Score Attack and Horde levels


  • The Thrice Damned: Pyramid of Bes
  • Anjali Khan hero
  • "Freeze Chain" amulet power
  • Free Score Attack and Horde levels

Hopefully this content will keep players engaged over the coming months. What do you think of Strange Brigade? Did you pick it up despite the fact that so many "AAA" game are launching one after another? Let us know.

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