Students of the world: here's how to check if you can get Office 365 for free

Microsoft has announced today that students around the world can now use an online portal to easily check whether they are eligible to receive free access to Office 365 through their school.

The service was originally announced back in September of last year. However, at the time, it was for U.S. students only. Now, Microsoft says that millions of students around the world will have an easy way of checking whether they are eligible:

That includes the 5.5 million eligible students in Australia, the nearly 5 million eligible students in Germany, 7 million more in Brazil, 1.3 million at Anadolu University in Turkey, every student in Hong Kong and millions more.

To check eligibility, all students need is a valid email address from a participating school to complete the sign-up process. Afterwards, in addition to gaining access to the Office suite of products, students will also score 1TB of OneDrive storage and access to Office Online from a browser. If you'd like to check your own eligibility, you can do so from the source links below.

Source: Microsoft, Eligibility Checker

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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