Subway Surfers picks up Halloween-themed New Orleans update

Subway Surfers is like the moon, you can always bet on its cyclical nature. So today, Subway Surfers picks up a holiday-themed update based in New Orleans! For those who are not familiar, Subway Surfers reskins their popular game once a month as part of their 'World Tour' series, often tying it into major holidays at the time.

The New Orleans Halloween-edition is particularly well done with a nighttime setting and Jack-o-lanterns littering the sides of the streets and serving as your tunnels to run through. Perhaps the best part is the grumpy cop who is chasing you in now in a Frankenstein's monster outfit for some hilarity.

Say what you will about Subway Surfers, but at least Kiloo is keeping the game fresh and alive on all its platforms, including Windows Phone.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Only theme gets changed, rest is same
  • Well, the goals, challenges, and prizes change. Other than that, yeah, the mechanics remain.
  • Did anybody notice pumpkin? You guys are really working you job very well.
  • Cars: Fast as Lightning has gone live on iOS and android but yet to arrive on windows phone
  • I hate the loading time on 512 Mb devices. Takes 66 seconds to open. Yes i calculated :(
  • Yeah takes forever to load, sometimes it just stops loading all together..
  • This game is overdone now, pretty boring.
  • I was about to ask what Daniel meant by "Say what you will about Subway Surfers..." but 3 comments in I found my answer LOL. Bravo :)
  • Before Subway Surfers arrived on WP: "Please bring Subway Surfers to WP.", after it arrived: "Please make it available for 512 Mb devices.", after it's available for 512 Mb devices and updated for a few times: "This game is overdone now, pretty boring."
  • Nobody is ever satisfied
  • Compared to MINION RUSH, this one is boring. Oh, I'm intitled to my opinion don't you think!
  • Yeah, "intitled" LMFAO
  • If you are laughing at my English it's OK, not my language, not even my second language and thank you for correcting me ASSFACE.
  • It isn't my language either. :-)
  • What's yours? mine is Arabic, second is French.
  • Indonesian. Now let's talk about something else.
  • okily dokily
  • Right. I love WP,but WP users complain too fuckin much... Seriously. I just read an article earlier about the new Miia phone and all I saw was people finding something to complain about. Of course this isn't everyone,but read an article and you'll see it a lot. Sure it's ok to pass an opinion or sentiments,but talk about the positive things sometimes.
  • Agreed!
  • Omg this guy have a window in her name :D
    I know what I just did (a +ve cmnt :D )
  • Lol
  • A bit kinda irrelevant, but it's like when people ask for cheaper devices, and when MS releases cheaper devices *cough* Lumia 530 *cough*, the next thing they cry for is the hardware, FFC, 1GB blah blah. People will never be satisfied with anything.
  • +530 :P
  • +630 +Coke
  • +Coke? Lol!
  • Exactly... I mean use the User voice site to complain on sometimes. You are correct. People will never be satisfied.
  • Cortana tell me a joke" subway surfer gets updated"
  • Really made me laugh !!
  • Ha ha..
  • lol
  • I'm still hooked on the game. I play it daily during my down time at work! Yes its a bit repetitive but it's still fun and challenging!
  • Agreed,
  • New Orleans at night??!! No thanks.
  • Is it still buggy?
  • Will need to see if he runs through the cemeteries!
  • Hmm
  • Love this 1st sentence! Hahahaha
  • Please add a Greece tour!
  • I think that is a bit disappointing statement here...Daniel said that kiloo is maintaining its games on all platforms,including "Windows Phone"!? Well,they will have to maintain the game in all platforms as Windows(Phone) Os is 3rd major platform in the world. IMO
  • Awesome. Love this game, play it everyday. It's the skin updates, challenges, new characters, etc. that keep me coming back. This is the only game that I am still playing more than a year after I started.
  • Already completed weekly hunt
  • What ever it may be game now feels bad or not a update is a update thanks...
  • Subway surfers always hang in windows phone
  • I've liked most of the themes, but this one is a little too dark. Makes it difficult to gauge distant obstacles sometimes.
  • I don't want to sound mean but this was on my 4S since months... I am a 930 user. I have to redownload the whole game again? Is there any sort of function in-game to update?
  • Never played it but for the longest time I thought it was an eat fresh game lol
  • I'm using an android emulator called andy to run this game on my pc which is pretty cool