Sunset Overdrive's Mystery of the Mooil Rig DLC arrives on Xbox One for $9.99

As promised, developer Insomniac Games and publisher Microsoft have released the Mystery of the Mooil Rig DLC pack for the recent Xbox One open world action game Sunset Overdrive. The price for the DLC is $9.99 but it's also part of the game's Season Pass that's on sale for $19.99.

The storyline for the DLC pack involves your player character leaving the city to visit an oil rig run by the Mooil corporation. Microsoft says:

"While there are several hours' worth of new story and side missions sporting a nice wide variety of objectives (take note, fetch quest haters!), that's far from everything The Mystery of the Mooil Rig has to offer. In addition to some new weapons, amps, and vanity items, you'll also find a full Chaos Squad mission and a Night Defense base, as well as a bunch of oil-slicked baddies that show the dark side of what happens when you try to make an Overcharge-with-a-splash-of-crude cocktail. And don't even get us started on the epic new boss."

The DLC pack also adds two new water-based abilities. One is Water Dive, which will let players dive briefly under the water before jumping back out. The other is Water Slam Bounce that allows players to slam their character quickly down into the water and then jump back up higher and quicker.

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

  • Good to see a great game become even cooler
  • This is one of those games which I will own for the life of the generation.
  • Amen!
  • where's Lumia Denim?
  • In the hearts of all young children who love Christmas.
  • muuaahahahahahahaa... :-D
  • In the forums and not in unrelated posts.
  • On the 928 that you don't own :p
  • What does the season pass give you?
  • The usual definition is that you get all DLC.
  • Awesome game. Very unerrated. Will buy this!
  • Sweet. Knew that season pass would pay off!
  • Hell yea go spend that 10$ and encourage more rich corporation to keep getting over on you....or stop DLC altogether so that they will just give you the rest of the game
  • Agreed.
  • I only buy DLC for games I really like. I have maybe 30+ games. I have DLC for two of them.
  • Guarantee that if everyone stopped buying DLC, the developers would stop making it. Do you really think they would include it in the game just because people won't pay for it it? No, they just won't bother.
  • ^ This. Is it sad? yes, but is the truth
  • DLC is a big thing now because it's so easy to do from a technical standpoint. And in most cases it's not that the developer leaves things out of the game (Destiny being an exception) but that they create extra content for DLC. They didn't pack more into games before DLC was this easy, they just didn't do as much work. So you're not getting less without DLC nowadays -- you're getting more with it.
  • Well obvious statement is obvious. But people arent going to stop buying DLC.
  • "(take note, fetch quest haters!)," That's really funny that Microsoft put that in the press release, as that was one of the few critiques critics had about the game.
  • Cause it was obvious that was part of the game yet people still knock it for that. Its like when someone reviews a WP device and they complain that it doesnr have all the apps android or iphone have... Duh! Its a WP
  • Please stop saying "on sale for $19.99" "for sale for $19.99" or "available for $19.99" would be much better!
  • I wouldn't say "several hours" I've done it all in less than 2. Still enjoyable nonetheless. Just hunting now for someone with the "Beat the Dev" achievement.