Surface 3 128GB prices are currently cut by $150 at Microsoft Store and Best Buy

If you are looking for a new tablet and want to save some cash, Microsoft's latest promotion for its Surface 3 might be to your liking. The 128GB versions of the 10.8-inch tablet are currently on sale for $150 off their normal price from now until Thursday, Jan. 21 at the Microsoft Store site, along with Best Buy.

That means the regular Wi-Fi model is currently priced at $449, rather than $599, and the Wi-Fi + LTE version costs $549, rather than $699. The Surface 3 still comes with a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal, which is normally worth $69.99.

Via: Neowin

John Callaham
  • still waiting for india using lumia 730
  • Surface 4 coming?! :O
  • It's already available in India, check in Amazon and Flipkart. Only Surface Book was not launched here, if it arrives the cost of the high end would be approximately 300K.
  • He said Surface 4... not Surface Pro 4.  Can't wait to see what they have lined up for that.  Absolutely loving my Surface 3.
  • Surface 4 is definitely not coming... Don't you think a Pro device is a better choice?
  • Depends on what you need. I want an RT replacement. I have little need for Pro.
  • Pro is not necessarily better depending on your needs. I have both surface pro 3 and surface 3 for more than eight months, and I have to say surface 3 becomes my go to device rather than surface pro 3. Simply because of the much easier to hold form factor
  • I hope so. I love my Surface 3, but the USB Type-C revolution is here, and it's time to let go of full-sized USB. They can make the Surface 4 phenomenally thin if they ditch full size USB for Type-C... and score some brownie points if they decide to toss in a cheap little Type-C to USB adapter so we're moving forward while accommodating what's stuck in the past.
  • Agreed. My next tablet and phone will have USB-c so they can be charged off of a battery pack when traveling. I'm tired of looking for outlets and taking a zillion different cords and power bricks.
  • And in India price of pro3/4 are increased by Amazon within one week of ₹5-6000 (80$approx.)
    PS: Strange...they are back to original price within 1 hr...
  • It's always strange with pricing in India. Those VAT and other things...
  •'s not VAT...price is still fluctuating by same seller I.e. Cloudtail. May be some glitch or $ to ₹ conversion. There is no other explanation of such rapid change within minutes. Remember Amazon India has exclusive rights to sell surface pro in India for 6 months. Since there's no competition and no other seller, this is Amazon fulfilled delivery with only one seller- cloudtail
  • Damn it!  Why don't I have  monies for this :'( 
  • That's a great deal. It's really unfortunate I can't take advantage of it. Oh well, maybe next time.
  • That's a great price!!! I absolutely love my Surface 3. I keep getting surprised at how much it can handle in it's small form factor. I can run Photoshop CC, full Office... and just recently tried Remote Desktop to my home PC and omg it worked smooth as butter and I was able to run graphic-intensive programs like Premiere Pro with zero lag (on my home network). Honestly, I love this device lol. You get really well-designed hardware at a great price. I didn't expect to use it this much, but I use it every day :D
  • Your experience is encouraging to hear. How much ram does your S3 have - 2gb or 4gb?
  • I agree. I even play all my titles on my S3. It's not the best at it. But it works
  • Indians just pray that our ludicrously insane psychopaths(MPs) in RS clears the GST bill so we can witness a steeper slash on Electronics Goods and services' price tags. I hope the prices of Surface Pro4 will be brought down by another ₹17.5k if the GST is being implemented.
  • True
  • Are they still doing the free type cover?
  • No
  • Such a great device. We love ours.
  • I would get one if it came with a free type cover.
  • its still not better than the deal costco had before thanksgiving thru cyber monday.  you could get the S3 128 with Type cover, pen, and office 365 for 599.99.  i think the price will drop lower or they'll bundle more accessories in the next few months.  I'd wait if you dont own one now.