Surface 3 accessories include Type Cover, Docking Station and Surface Pen

The just announced Surface 3 10.8-inch tablet will have a number of official, but optional, accessories to choose from, including a new Type Cover, a new Docking Station and a Surface Pen that will be sold in many different colors.

The new Type Cover for the Surface 3 will be sold for $129. While visually, the Type Cover doesn't appear to look much different than ones made for other Surface tablets, Neowin reports that, according to Microsoft, it has "snappier" keys, some improvements on sound dampening, and an improved trackpad. It will also come in a variety of colors, including bright blue and bright red.

Surface 3 Surface Pen

The Surface Pen will be sold separately for $49 for the Surface 3, and like the Type Covers it will be sold in a variety of different colors: silver, black, blue and red.

Surface 3 Docking Station

The tablet will also support a new Docking Station, which will enable the Surface 3 to be connected quickly to an external monitor. There's no word yet on a price for the Docking Station.

Source: Microsoft; Neowin

John Callaham