Surface Book 2 preorder ship dates slip for some

A number of Reddit users have reported that, despite preordering the Surface Book 2 on the same day preorders went live on the Microsoft Store, they've seen their shipping dates slip from the November 16 release date.

The delayed date appears to affect anyone who ordered a 15-inch model, with shipping dates moving from November 16 to November 30. We've seen it as well, with a 15-inch 256GB model, which showed that it would be available at launch when ordered, but recently switched to a November 30 ship date on the orders page. The dates also line up with shipping estimates now available on the Surface Book 2 order page, which indicates a shipping date of November 30 for all 15-inch models, save for the 1TB version, which is set for even later on December 15.

Curiously, not all 15-inch orders seem to be affected, as some are also reporting that they've already received shipping confirmations.

In any case, shipping seems to be all over the place for anyone who ordered the larger model.

Did you preorder a Surface Book 2? Have you seen your initial shipping date slip? Let us know in the comments, or chime in on our forums.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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