Surface Book with Performance Base and Surface Studio headed to a slew of new markets

Alongside a firm date for the Windows 10 Creator's Update release today, Microsoft has some good news for Surface fans around the world. In particular, Surface Book with Performance Base is coming to 13 new markets, while Surface Studio and Surface Dial will be headed to 3 new countries.

Starting today, the Surface Book with Performance Base is up for pre-order in the following markets ahead of an April 20 launch:

  • Austria
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK

As for the Surface Studio, it's now up for pre-order in Australia, Canada and New Zealand with the same April 20 release date.

Finally, with the release date for the Creators Update in sight, Microsoft has some updates on what it will bring to its biggest member of the Surface family, Surface Hub:

The updates include an improved new start screen that allows you to sign on with your credentials and access your Office 365 apps and OneDrive materials as well as new manageability tools to simplify large-scale deployments. Apps like Skype for Business are being improved to help you connect better and the Whiteboard app will now easily enable real-time collaboration between Surface Hubs.

Microsoft promises we'll hear more about what the Creators Update has in store for Surface Hub before it starts rolling out on April 11.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Very good for people in those countries! Is it just me or does it seem like it took a long time for this to happen?
  • Very odd , as the surface products were outdated when they came out, and now for these countries to get products that are even more outdated this late. Besides when the surface pro 4 and pixel XL came out all Microsoft products are always outdated
  • I am looking for a new laptop HP 360 got my attention with its price and big screen 15" I like it,
    What do you think compare it to surface book it has more battery and it is less heavy than HP with the performance base ? (it's more expensive but it is not an issue for me if it deserve that price)
  • Funny how small of a market Surface products are in when they first launch. It's hard for to sell many units when it's not available. I think MS suppliers don't have the scale to be a big global supplier, unlike Apple, hp etc.
  • Please come to the Philippines or, at least, Singapore.
  • you could add Australia to the list. i have received an email that i could pre order the i5 version for 4500 or the 2tb i7 version for 6500 AUD. i could build a pc that would last for another 10 years for that price  
  • Ooh, the Surface Dial is now in Canada (as of the April 20 release date)!
  • No Taiwan?! What the hell, Microsoft?!
  • Darn... I was confused that my local store would already carry the Performance Base version and thus been waiting for a Surface Book 2 announcement with all the new bells and whistles like a better dGPU and/or rechargeable Pen and now I see they only just started adding the Performance Base version to the shop? Better lower my expectations on both an Book 2 announcement AND a timely availability of it in my country -_-
  • Nice design and concept with the new surface studio but it with have be great to have a universal in-built sim port for internet connectivity so that you don't need to carry an internet modern around anymore just in case u don't want to make use of a public wifi. I wish they heard that on it an all other surface product.