Surface Duo 2 November 2021 update arrives, brings Android security patch

Surface Duo 2 Update Screen
Surface Duo 2 Update Screen (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Surface Duo 2 has arrived.
  • Its monthly updates are, as of November 2021, just as mundane, small, and straightforward as Duo 1's.
  • This month's Android security update brings the Duo 2 up to version 2021.830.19.

Surface Duo 2 owners, it's time for a special Friday surprise: Microsoft's dropped a Duo 2 update into the wild. It brings the device's version number up to 2021.830.19 and is 84.41MB in size. As to its contents, this update "addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin – November 2021."

That's it. That's everything. If you thought there would be more to November's update, you can safely close this page, as there isn't anything else. Double-check Microsoft's own Duo 2 update page if you want firsthand confirmation that this is it until December.

Owners of the original Surface Duo may not be surprised by the light patch, given that it's what they've been receiving for many months, including November. It's just the way it is when you own a Duo.

The lack of meaningful updates has been a source of contention for some Duo (both 1 and 2) owners, leaving them in positions where they wonder if Microsoft is serious about the Surface Duo 2. There's no telling at this point, though analysts are convinced the Duo still has a ways to go before it can be declared a winner.

For those equipped with a Duo 2, perhaps a security patch is enough. Or maybe, as is the case for many disgruntled Duo 1 owners, an Android security update as the entirety of an update feels lacking.

Robert Carnevale

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