Surface Earbuds manual appears on FCC, showing off gestures and more

Surface Earbuds
Surface Earbuds (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Earbuds manual appeared online recently.
  • The manual goes through support gestures, Office 365 features, and general management of the headphones.
  • The Surface Earbuds will reportedly launch on May 6, 2020.

The Surface Earbuds have yet another leak. Relatively recently, the Surface Earbuds manual appeared online on an FCC listing. The manual goes over the gestures you can use with the headphones, the Office 365 features it supports, and general maintenance and setup of the upcoming headphones. While the Surface Earbuds don't have an official release date, they will reportedly launch on May 6, 2020. Microsoft originally planned to release the Surface Earbuds earlier, but delayed their launch to this spring.

The manual includes several photos of the Surface Earbuds and their case. There's a USB-C charging port on the bottom of the case, as well as a pair button. The large touchpads can be used to perform actions like playing and pausing music, activating a digital assistant, and adjusting the volume of the headphones.

Towards the end of the manual, it lists things you can do with the Surface Earbuds with Office 365 and Cortana:

  • Manage your Outlook calendar, email, and to-dos with your voice.
  • Dictate in Word and other Microsoft Office apps.
  • Advance slides and get live captions or subtitles in PowerPoint.
  • Get digital assistance from Cortana—set reminders, get answers to questions, and more.

The information in the manual isn't new or that surprising, but it's interesting to see the manual of a device before the device is released.

The Surface Earbuds have Omnisonic speakers and support unique haptic feedback swipe gestures. They have a dual-mic array for voice controls and making calls. In our time with the Surface Earbuds last October, we found them comfortable to wear and were impressed by the sound quality.

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