Surface Headphones hands-on: Cortana and Surface style come together (video)

The one announcement that came out of left field at Microsoft's October 2 event was definitely the latest accessory to join the lineup: Surface Headphones. And while the headphones are definitely on the pricey side at $350, there are definitely some interesting features packed in.

Operating over Bluetooth, the aesthetics of the wireless Surface Headphones unmistakably fit into the Surface lineup. But there's more to these than good looks and a decidedly bassy soundscape. Microsoft has packed in Cortana integration, so you can query the digital assistant at any time. There's also advanced noise cancellation with different levels that you can tweak as needed.

There's no release date yet for Surface Headphones, but it's definitely an interesting addition to the Surface line. For more on our initial thoughts, check out our hands-on video with the headphones above.

Everything Microsoft announced at its October 2 Surface event

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  • Very sexy cans.
  • Why SimonMelb you saucy man. These are good looking headphones for sure, not too sure what adding cortana to them really does, unless we can expect to see some new consumer skills in the pipeline. Could just end up being a lovely pair of Alexa headphones in reality.
  • MSFT is committed to Cortana, we'll see. It's for the best.
  • What indication points to them being committed to Cortana? It's seems like it has quite stagnated over the last couple years, and it's been severely crippled on Xbox.
  • But the AI investment didn't stop no? Cortana is just a skin...
  • I'll reiterate my and others' main question: Dan, did you ask if these will work with the xbox one? I know, probably not, but it's worth a shot to ask.
  • That was my first thought. I wonder if they'll make an Xbox edition of these.
  • Did you notice they will cost more than Xbox ?
  • Turble Beach Elite 800X headset connects natively to the Xbox One *while* also connecting to your PC/phone through Bluetooth. Stupendous sound quality. For US$249.95.
  • The question was asked about a specific product so that's where the inquiry remains. Okay?
  • Hey Dan, the brunette chick behind you was fond of you! ;-)
  • On the left? What a cutie! I noticed her too.
  • Don't influence him :D
  • My Invoke fires off all the time if it hears anything remotely similar to "Hey Cortana". I wonder if this is going to be an issue for this headset. Really looks like a well built, comfortable piece of equipment though.
  • You don't have to say hey
  • That's definitely a lot of definitelies in this article. :)
  • definitely
  • Since when the Microsoft logo is the Surface logo?
  • .
  • Since they changed the tilt
  • Microsoft logo when used generally has the 4 colors. When referring to Windows, it's the smaller left side of the logo. When referring to Surface, it's always been all one color, primarily platinum. I think it's mainly based on the color and context it's used in. Really I don't know but it's how I see it haha
  • Looks good. I will wait till it goes down to $99.
  • This. Though they'd probably just cancel them & go oos rather than tarnish the image of the vaunted Surface brand.
  • Feature wise they remind me off my parrot ziks. The dials on them are of course different. If the sound and build quality is in par, then I believe the price to be fair. Other premium headsets are in the same range. But as a first time product, there are probably some kinks/things they didn't think about.. Also wished they had more metal, that would feel more "surfacey" but might just be a personal preference.
  • Does it work with Xbox??
  • Real question, are these compatible/certified for Skype for Business and/or Microsoft Teams Audio? If yes, then I can see using these in my office. I hate the ones my company provides and would purchase these for myself provided it worked with various VOIP programs. I would also find it silly if it was not certified for its own products.
  • I would love to see these in different colors. Not just black. I'd like to see white, yellow, red, and or blue. But if Microsoft won't go that dramatic then certainly give me a black version and I certainly WILL purchase one of these. The main reason I am so looking forward to this is because it can work with a wired hook-up. I'm not really a fan of total bluetooth. I hate being tethered to having to recharge head phones. That's just plain stupid. I wan't to pick them up at any time and they just work. I see the non-bluetooth mode gives you up to 50 hrs of play time. I guess that's better than nothing, but I was hoping for use without battery use at all. I lament the demise of Windows Phone. Man, this and Groove would be so perfect.