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Surface Hub makes news studio debut with Seattle's KING 5 news

One of Microsoft's big Surface Hub touchscreen PCs is already being used by a local TV station. KING 5 in Seattle debuted its revamped news studio today, which has the 84-inch version of Microsoft's Windows 10 PC installed on its set.

KING 5 is the first local TV station in the world to use the Surface Hub. In a brief video demonstration, the whiteboard features of the PC were used to draw on Windows 10's map app. KING 5 believes that the Surface Hub will allow them to report on news stories in a new and unique manner.

Microsoft started taking pre-orders for the Surface Hub in mid-2015, but the company has not yet officially announced that the PCs have begun shipping to its customers — certainly, being in Microsoft's back yard didn't hurt in helping KING 5 secure one of the early releases. Originally the 55-inch version was priced at $6,999 while the 84-inch version cost $19,999. However, in late December Microsoft boosted the prices for both models, with the 55-inch Hub now priced at $8,999, while the 84-inch version getting a price tag of $21,999.

Source: KING 5

  • Hey, wow that's really cool. I like the interaction between newscaster and device. Only thing I can see as a downside is looking at the back of the newscaster's head a lot of the time. Looking forward to seeing more of how the Surface Hub is used.
  • Videos shown in the past allow them to draw on their phone or surface tablet and it shows in the hub. You can even share the screen.
  • Productivity where I work would crumble to zero :D everybody would book meeting rooms all the day just to play with it :D
  • What should they play? It's a 84'' appliance, only cr-apps work. We have ordered one, but we will attach a NUC on the replacement PC port. We need the desktop.
  • Thought it was a full windows 10 pc just on a large screen.. Surely that's like connecting a laptop to a desk top, you can't...?
  • It's a special version of Windows 10 that doesn't have a desktop.
  • If that were the case why would anyone pay $20k for just a large screen??? It's definitely waaay more than that! It's a touch panel for one which is not trivial at that size!
  • I know next to nothing about this thing, but are you saying this doesn't have a win10 desktop?
  • It runs a special version of Windows 10 that has no desktop, instead it runs universal apps. The centerpiece is the OneNote app, which is quite powerful and allows several people to draw, write and otherwise interact with it at the same time. The Surface Hub comes with two pens that can be used at the same time.
  • Have you seen the video? That map gestures on the oversized screen is more than enough to keep nerds busy for hours
  • Why would you waste money on it then? Just buy a large screen and attach your NUC.
  • waste? LOL. find me a 4k display at that size with multitouch, pen support! there are only VERY FEW companies that make panel this big. so good luck.
  • "Why would you waste money on it then? Just buy a large screen and attach your NUC." What a great idea!! Who needs a touchscreen anyway..... You can also put a Volkswagen engine in a Ferrari.
  • Off topic but i just wanted to mention that windows central are just like Microsoft with deadline they said the new app should be released in beta last week and nothing here yet
  • Like basically every company. This is why most companies don't publish planned release dates until they are 100% certain (i.e. everything is already done), because they rarely hit the mark the first time around. 
  • Learn to read. They said "maybe", and that "they hoped". Neither of those words mean "will". It'll be ready when it's be ready. Until then, no amount of complaining or finger pointing or pleading will change when it'll be released. There's only one person working on the app, as far as I am aware. It's a lot of work to make it work well. All everyone does in these comment sections is complain. Also, this isn't even related to the bloody article so why is this comment here. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well dammit. I want one.
  • I wonder if the news team calls it an iPad? That would be hilarious.
  • You realize no one would confuse it for an iPad? Apple doesnt' make anything remotely like this.
  • No, they won't call the Surface Hub an iPad because they are also using real iPads in their new newsroom for their scripts. But OTOH, given the IQ of some TV news personalities, it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that someone will call the Hub a MaxiPad.
  • Their first thought will probably be it's made by apple!
  • Until their first BSD. Then they'll know for sure who made it.  ;-)
  • Slow news day for this channel :P
  • Funny how king 5 uses nothing but Microsoft products, but doesn't have an app for windows
  • They got the Surface Hub but are using iPad as well. This is progress.
  • This is great, free publicity. Hopefully, CNN, ESPN, NFL Network or some other national broadcast will get one.