Surface Pen tilt support is coming to other Surface devices in an update

One of the coolest parts of the Surface Pro's reveal was the new Surface Pen, which has been improved in various ways.

Designed to complement the Surface Pro (2017), the Surface Pen benefits from the Pro's custom co-processor which reduces the latency between the pen and the screen to "imperceptible" levels. Additionally, the new Surface Pen supports tilt shading on the new Surface Pro, mimicking a real inking tool more closely.

Since many of you have been asking, it does seem that the new Surface Pen's tilt capabilities will be coming to previous Surface devices via Windows update.

As per the Surface Pen's US Microsoft Store listing, it says the following regarding tilt:

"Surface Pen tilt functionality is available now with Surface Pro. Available with other Surface devices via Windows Update."

Whether that refers to all previous Surface devices with inking or just the more recent ones, we're still trying to find out, but it's pretty safe to presume that at least the Surface Book, Surface Studio, and perhaps Surface Pro 4 will all make the cut.

The new Surface Pen has 4,095 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is a massive boost from the previous versions. Microsoft says the new Surface Pen beats Apple's iPad Pro Pencil in every way, we'll have to test their claims once we get our review unit in the near future.

Thanks for the tip, TheScarfix

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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