This Surface Phone concept teases a 3D-scanning camera, with a Surface Book-like design

Shared by Evan Blass on Twitter, this Surface Phone concept leverages Microsoft's renowned industrial design with a holographic twist.

Produced by Casmir Valeri, this concept offers a glimpse at the possibilities.

Valeri's Surface Phone concept sports all the expected features. Inking, continuum, with a Surface Book-like metallic chassis.

Unlike some of the other concepts floating around, Valeri's Surface Phone design doesn't include the anticipated multi-screen form factor as hinted at by Microsoft's various patents.

It does, however, include a cover that provides additional USB-C ports, boosted battery life, complete with a friction hinge that provides landscape viewing and tent mode.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the 3D-scanning concept Valeri has baked into the Surface Phone's camera. As Microsoft pushes further into holographic territory, I think it's fair to expect some sort of mixed reality play with any prospective Surface Phone, and maybe this could be it.

Microsoft does have a wealth of 3D scanning technology in their arsenal. From HoloLens' proximity mapping to Kinect's shape scanning tech, taking the real world into the virtual world would create a compelling USP for industries looking to dive deeper into these sorts of emerging markets.

As Microsoft continues to scale back its efforts in mobile, you have to wonder whether or not a "Surface Phone" will even see the light of day. However, with Windows 10 on ARM, the promise of continued updates to Windows 10 Mobile, and vague statements about future paradigms, there's still some hope. Albeit a slither.

What do you think of these Surface Phone concepts? Hit the comments, and be sure to check out the full presentation on Valeri's Behance page.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Common Leak the leaks bro
  • Now as Windows Phone fans, all we can do best is #WishfulThink.
  • As I thought earlier... its too big, looks too heavy and its thick. It looks like a tablet and thats a problem. If I wanted a tablet in my pocket, I would buy a tablet.. not a surface PHONE and BTW: look at those sharp edges.. it hurts too look at it, image to hold this "brick" for more than 5 minutes... eeeewww if this is the "future" than... i will be fine with my S8
  • Surface Phone simply can't succeed without a multi-screen (foldable screens).  It has to be able expanded into a big enough screen to run W10 or web apps comfortably.  Otherwise, the app-gap problem would remain.  We have to be able to run more than just phone apps.  We need not only a pocket PC and more importantly a pocket display.
  • I want this thick girl in my life
  • This is cool... In reality, it wouldn't be as thick as the renders suggest..... That camera hump looks awesome.... I hope MS has something like this in their lab.
  • Probably not and they would fix the edges but i still love her
  • Well windows central don't have faith in windows mobile! They know something... Or not?
  • Rubino had a cryptic tweet over the weekend. Something about "it's not dead" or along those lines. Not sure exactly what he meant or what he knows.
  • :)
  • A cryptic smile...
  • That's just..... mean lol
  • Nothing much. Just a brand new sexy Surface Phone launch tmrw. One og the best phones to ever launch. Great hardware and a great presentation by Panos Panay.
    And then followed by MSFT's neglect on W10M for the next 2-3 years.
    Followed by 2 years of "retrenchment". Followed by Satya Nadella digging Mobile graves again.
    The gravedigger CEO.
  • Microsoft wants to kill Windows mobile slowly... If they say its dead they would have a bigger loss, so they want to fool people and kill it slowly! One day they'll say windows phone market is too small so they are shutting it down, but only we know that it was because Microsoft didn't support!
  • Something seems to be happening going by Dan and Jez, they know something.... enjoy a moment of optimism and positively, we have waited long enough for it lol.
  • Oh you poor believer. Its not happening, get over it.
  • No matter what Dan and Jez think they may know, I believe in Zac bowden, if he says its dead, it doesn't matter what is presented tomorrow
  • Did Zac Bowden say it's dead? I hope not. I'm still hoping they'll do something mind-blowing. A foldable Surface phone, or something like the concept above, except that it can dual-project a screen on the wall (i.e. Continuum anywhere you want) while also projecting a 'keyboard' on the table, that has full Windows 10 Mobile capabilities and full Windows 10 capabilities.
  • I just can't see Microsoft ending Windows mobile. They need it, they absolutely need a mobile device. The company will not survive, in my opinion, in the future.
  • I agree with you that they must have their own mobile device because office on iOS and Android can't suffice because people use iOS pages and Google doc; everyone doesn't it's office and with no mobile presence, people will eventually get macs & chrome books; Windows will fade into the sunset!
  • False
  • They need mobile, not the current mobile OS! Satya Nadella always said mobile is important, but he never said Windows 10 Mobile! Their Windows 10 on ARM is going to be the one, they just have to put that on a mobile! I doubt any current phones will support it, my guess is snapdragon 835 and better only.
  • Even if not dead, barely alive
  • They think is faster!
  • Just give me a PC that can make calls...and fit in my pocket.
  • this wont fit in your pocket.... or maybe you are Shrek and have LARGE pockets :D
  • onions
  • Layers
  • Exactly what I want.
  • They are going to abandon windows 10 mobile for something like that? I bet even if its awesome, it would never reach as much market as lumias had!
  • Add an OLED screen to that cover and that would be my dream of the cellular Surface Mini. Dan's tweet over the weekend was concerning a clueless article saying WP was dead, when it was clearly referencing the data about WP hardware from MS ending ( the OS lives on).
  • yeah, of course and the starting price will be 1299 + tax :)
  • Those sharp corners would be so uncomfortable to hold
  • They make a hole in your palm....
  • My old Lumia 1520 had sharp corners and I loved that phone. It was amazing to use for long periods of time. I wish I still had it but the screen went out and had to replace with g6. :( I would buy this phone in a heart beat as it is the best looking phone period. Just don't crap out on materials like the 950/950xl.
  • The 1520, if I'm correct, had corners that were very slightly rounded off, not to the 90 degree clean angle of this concept, and a curve on the back leading up to them to soften it further. IMO, it just seems like this is a very angular, sharper phone that would pose more of a noticeable uncomfort, is all.
  • So I just got numerous down votes for pointing out a genuine design flaw lol
  • I mean, I don't know how you hold your phone, but I think most people hold it with their fingers wrapped around the back rather than squeezing it by its corners. So, "sharp corners" don't seem like an issue. I've never held a phone that way. Plus, they're more aestethically pleasing.
  • How about in landscape, or when gaming, or when tapping something (keyboard mainly) on the bottom far side one-handedly? Or for holding it still for pictures (especially for a camera button finger)?
    I've just tried all of these as I type this and I can feel on my 950XL where this would be uncomfortable with sharp corners.
    Not saying it'll always be an issue and it may differ per user, but manufacturers have adopted curved corners as devices get larger to improve comfort in all usages.
  • :( Why dude?
  • It is inevitable that Microsoft will definitely release a pockeable pc of some sort and hopefully it will as food looking as this
  • It would be delicious!
  • Miammm
  • Who has food? : |
  • Pretty boring concept really.
  • And unrealistic, as to think MSFT will release anything mobile this year or the next year is bonkers. They gave up and it shows.
  • Oh, look. A unicorn.
  • Wow! Very good design! Only Wish it was true!!! Come to think of it, it wouldn't be so difficult for MS to announce a phone running Windows 10 Cloud...  
  • I highly think this is the direction Microsoft is going and all
  • Yeah, especially with all of those high-tech milling machines that Paynos show us during the tour Ben the PC Guy took of his facility!
  • Looks nice, but would be horrible to hold in your hand for any period of time. Too sharp around the edges.
  • They said the are out of the phone Business. They say they are going to release a new generation of Mobile Devices. They continue working on a mobile OS.... I am waiting on the Surface with Communications. Tablet, first, with voice / text communications - a business device.
  • WP is not "dead" from the development point of view. It's still getting updates and whatnot. However, from a consumer point of view, it's as dead as a doornail. When you look at the content of those updates it's getting, you don't have much hope. Bunch of bugfixes and tiny things like the NEW SHARE ICON ™ or privacy screen, but nothing serious at all. I've already given up on whining for mobile Edge extensions. The feature request has 15k+ upvotes, and at this point it's pretty clear it just isn't gonna happen. Brandon said on Twitter that apparently the new features are yet to come to Feature2. My guess is that those "features" will be a small redesign of the elements in the Settings and possibly download speed indicators in Store (and only because that's already been in the fast ring). Otherwise, not holding my breath for anything meaningful.
  • Now that is realistic outlook on the state of things. When my current Lumia dies I will check what MSFT has to offer, but I doubt there will be anything worthwhile.
  • W10 mobile is not dead...just transforming. Got some pretty interesting info from a MS employee and the mobile platform is very much alive. Those who can ride this "coming soon" wave and can tolerate being subject to MS whims will likely be surprised. Remember no one saw Hololens coming and MS kept that secret several years before letting the world know. Expect the same from W10 mobile :)
  • I really hope that's true. I'm holding on but it's a really slim thread.
  • And where is that HoloLens? Its not getting any mass releases anytime soon. I doubt your optimism.
  • YeahRright, You beat me too it. HoloLens - COOL!!!  But have you heard anything about it or is anyone doing anything with it?  Samsung might have a total crap product but it is out there and they have marketing/commercials out there.  If VR/MR does really take off, everyone will want Samsung's product.  And guess what?!?!  People will already have apps available.  When the behemoth that is MSFT gets around to pushing VR/MR, they will have an app gap!!  And they won't be able to overcome that! Same thing with Surface Dial!  VERY COOL!!!  Have you seen anything lately out there that touts how great it is or someone doing anything with it.  Cool stuff but Apple will come up with something like the Apple-Core or Apple-Seed.  It will be very inferior to the Dial but folks will know it is out there.  Developers will develop software for it.  MSFT will have an app gap with the Dial too.
  • If you do a bit of research you will see it in so many places. Medical, NASA, Home Improvement, Media, etc,...Also it was not meant for "mass release" as in a consumer model, but for developers. 3rd party will develope consumer versions
  • Ugh, that "3rd party" mantra... Worked well with the phones...
  • Phone is dead, but mobile will live somehow
  • Looks nice but that thing would probably cost over $1000
  • I would call it the Surface M.  I think the idea is brilliant and builds on something succesful. No more lumia. M is for Magnificent  - Shows off design, cover, screen, photos  M is for Music - Shows off Groove Music,  M is for Mobility - Shows Continum, Pen , Office , Phone Calls    
  • Pricing is going to be important to make a dent. $599 ? 
  • I want That ASAP. Pleeeeeeease :(
  • MS could do a whole lot worse than building something similiar to this concept.
  • Or they will just not do anything. My bet is on that.
  • Or they will just not do anything. My bet is on that.
  • Cool design
  • But but the future of android only
  • Well, well. Let's hope they're working on something, that's it right?
  • What I gleaned from the Dona Sarkar interview is they're delusional if they think looking at screens isn't normal "human" behaviour. From cavepainting to books to Hollywood to TV to YouTube, we are an inherently visual species. Will we just abandon billions of hours of creative content spanning hundreds of years for new tech? Significant amounts of DVDs & streaming content is comprised of legacy material. They need something to bridge the next few decades before holographic is truly mainstream.
  • Y'all need to stop this madness. Y do you even push this blog online. It's like seeing a lake in the desert.
  • This madness is beautiful
  • I like it. I'm fine with my Lumia 950 XL till the Surface Phone "surfaces" ;-) but seriously, I really like my phone and have no need to change it till then.
  • So sad... I've been a Nokia fan for more than 15 years so I've naturally shifted to Microsoft and I was still a fan. But I'm now losing patience. For the first time in my life, I'm thinking about switching, going for an Android phone. I totally understand Microsoft's strategy but they should have released new phones by the time their new category devices are ready. It would have helped waiting for them. By now, there ain't nothing to go for when my Lumia 950XL will let me down. I never thought I would think about this someday... I'm waiting to see if Nokia finally releases an interesting high range device, then I'll go back to them, or I'll see what's available when I'm ready. Saw a Samsung Galaxy S8 yesterday and it's really appealing ☹
  • They still have to make a better OS ... for now Win 10 on my Lumia 950 is way more clumsy than WIn 8.1 on my Lumia 930 ... the OS that made me come to Win phone in the first place ... everything was snappy in 8.1 ... except IE .. that browser sucked compared to Edge ... and needless to say the app gap.
  • I just want a low-cost W10M (sub-200$) with Continuum.  Is it too much to ask?  Why can't Microsofties get excited about mobile phones?
  • yes we support windows 10 mobile. need a device.
  • Satya say's, "Say that to my face" @satya on twitter not behind his back at WC!
  • Everyone here knows this isn't a real product, so stop with all of the whining and bickering.
  • Meh. Some interesting ideas. I personally feel that 3D has a way to go before a device like this would be game changing. Who is the market for this device? If released today, it would be a gimmick. A handful would use it, the rest wouldn't care. Average consumers don't generally care about 3D modeling. It's all about making connections. Connecting with your family, with your friends, with your social circles, with your online content, with the web, with information.  Is there some enormous game changing social grouping around 3D modeling that I'm missing? Last I checked it was Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. From a design standpoint, too boxy. The tapered edges of the Surface Pro line are more appealing to my tastes. It's all about having good lines. Car fans know what I'm talking about.    
  • I'd buy it
  • I'd like to see the Surface Phone without the hinge for whatever it is going to be on that panel and instead, have a type cover style cover. This type cover would fold open width-wise to be a decent size. This cover would attach at the center where it folds to the top bezel of the phone, so that it covers the screen and the back of the phone making it as compact as possible. For those who don't want a type cover, there would just be a magnetic cover for the screen. Anyways, dreaming. When the Surface Phone becomes a reality, I am definitely picking one up.
  • Interesting expansion cover option. Doesn't feature the mutli screen or foldable lcd on the MS patents.
  • Honestly these concepts look awful.
  • Hallucinations...
  • Can someone explain to me why MS has such a pathetic presence in mobile to a new users here. Since I purchased my first copy of windows 10 I really began to enjoy the OS that I even brought a surface book for uni (this thing really drops jaws, it's great). I love the fact that I have an OS that caters to all my needs be it gaming or work. But there's a weird problem, since I like it so much I thought I look into a MS phone to find they have none, and yet the apps are lacking too. Everyone I've talked to has vilified the windows store as Satan, giving all the reasons, yet happily use Android, apple, steam stores? They talk about wishing they could get specific console games and from what I can gather MS looks like they're trying to achieve that for PC through the store. I'm really liking the concept of this new windows ecosystem but apparently no one else does. So what's the problem here, is it the store and some sort of selling rules that hinder apps being developed, or is it the phone product that's hurting MS? I really hope it works out for MS as I'd love to own one of these concept phones
  • I don't know what to tell you. I really dig the store. I go there before ever stepping into the realm of browsing for Win32 options. Generally, they have what I want. Sometimes it is third party. As long as the UX is good, I'm good.
    I think the problem people have is a desire to be better. If anything Windows fans are passionate. Passionate because they know it could be the best, but instead it is dying on the vine. Not so much desktop, but their beloved Mobile OS.
    Dreams of what should have been fill them with a bitter taste that leads to outright rage towards Microsoft for failing to succeed where it should have been (to them at least) easy.
    Part of it might be resistance to change. Mostly it is fear of the unknown. We don't know what Microsoft is doing with Mobile. We only know that deep down, Windows 10 on phones is coming to an end with no successor in sight.
    With nowhere to go and no upgrade path present, we are slowly, begrudgingly, leaving our OS of choice to go elsewhere.
    We blame the "app gap" mostly, but in reality, it is the complete lack of aggressive marketing that lost them the mobile space. No one knows Windows 10 Mobile is here. Those that do, laugh at our dedication. We have become the MySpace of Mobile.
    The store represents the barren wastelands of our hopes and dreams. A market place that could have been lush with apps and services lies barren like an old western ghost town. Waiting for the last million or so of us to trickle off into the sunset.
  • Thank you for Informing me, I hope MS new attempt works whenever they do it. Guess I'll just keep using my cheap android P9 and wait to see what MS one day can bring. I really want to have a full ecosystem :(
  • You can, but it is not a good time to make that switch. Odds are, anything you got will be End Of Life by years end. Best estimates are that W10M won't last past 2018. I personally am still quite happy with my 950xl, but I warn that trying Windows 10 Mobile is not an easy path. Don't expect the latest and greatest apps, get used to using your Mobile browser for things, and have the patience of the Dalai lama.
  • Sharp corners? They will pinch in my pocket! I like the rounded corners in my Lumia 950 XL.
  • yes please
  • IMHO this looks like ****. It's as if who ever did this didn't even try to understanding the, so far, design philosophy of the Surface Product Line...
    I'd even go as far saying they didn't even understand what a premium Phone has to look like ( brand logo taking up space at the front? Really?! )
    Also that camera bulge is not acceptable...
  • Before MS says it's over with phones, they should just grant us one last wish... A dying wish... The Forever Anticipated Surface Phone. Let's see and use it with our eyes and hands before we bid our final farewell.
  • This design looks very familiar. I feel like I've seen it a year ago somewhere on the msft webblogs.