Surface Power Cover receives ship date and price, boosts your battery by up to 70 percent

We have been hearing about Microsoft’s Surface Power Cover since back in September of 2013. The new Surface accessory was expected to launch near or alongside the second generation of Surface tablets, but apparent delays kept it from being on schedule. Luckily, and thanks to a collection of patience from Surface users, the Surface Power Cover is now available for sale from the Microsoft store.

The new Power Cover is advertised to extend “the battery life of your Surface up to 70% and double as a screen cover. Reports from fellow journalist, Paul Thurrott, stated the cover would “significantly” expand the life of the device, but up to 70% is a bit of a shock – we were expecting around a 50% boost at most. To clarify for each device, the Surface Power Cover will expand the Surface 2's battery life by 70% and the Surface Pro models by 60%.

In comparison to Microsoft’s Type Cover 2 that comes in at a jaw dropping 5 mm thin, the Power Cover comes in at 9.75 mm thin – both devices are .55 pounds in weight. While the Power Cover may be almost twice as thick as the Type Cover 2, you will not be noticing any extra weight in your bag.

One thing that you will notice, at least in the dark, is that the Power Cover does not contain a backlit as the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 do. This might be a deal breaker for some, who want to expand the life of their tablet, but cannot live without the convenience of backlit keys.

The Power Cover is compatible with the Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2; unfortunately, Surface RT owners are out of luck if they are interested in the accessory.

The Microsoft Store states that the Power Cover will begin shipping out on March 19, and will cost $199.99 USD – this is in comparison to the Type Cover 2’s $129.99 USD price point.

Picking up the latest keyboard cover from Microsoft will cost you $70 extra than the non-power-extending Type Cover 2 and will remove the convenience of a backlit keyboard. That being said, with real world testing of the Surface Pro 2’s battery life clocking in at around seven hours, you could easily see hitting eleven hours with the new attachment.

What do you think – is the Surface Power Cover worth $199?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Thanks to Danny Davis for the tip!

  • 200 dollars!!!! lol. what are these guys thinking after seeing the horrible surface sales. what was it like 2% marketshare among all devices, possibly less for surface! you have to be joking.
  • Yeah, too many bucks. Could get another surface rt for that price and extend battery life by 100% haha
  • Yeah, that's crazy. As it is the touchpad is disappointing on TypeCover 2, constantly moving the cursor as I type, and doing some clicking functions with it are frustrating. They should have gotten Synaptic to do it for them. But I'm not going to invest that much on a keyboard unless it is greatly improved, and this one doesn't sound like it is.
  • I wouldn't say the type cover 2 is disappointing at all. I've never had it move the cursor as I type and clicking has always been fine on my surface 2. I do hate that I can't do 2 finger scroll, but other than that the touch pad is pretty darn good. You might have a defective unit; go by the MS store and they should take care of it for you.
  • Microsoft is obviously pretending to be Apple right now :P
  • This is marketed towards the Pro segment than RT . So it sort of makes sense.
  • Selling so poorly that I still can't order the 512 GB model. Stfu man.
  • I agree, the power cover is way too expensive. also no mention of the capacity of the battery. Still trying to get my head around what they mean about 70% battery boost. Sounds like a sales pitch and not too clear what this actually means in daily real life use. This article is suggesting total constant and probably normal use time, but would still like to know what "normal use" is. Come on microsoft if this case is niche then don't be afraid to share more specs! Sales pitches like this are from the days of old.
  • Well if your device gets 10 hours of battery life, this adds another 7 hours to that. that's 70% battery boost. Normal use is obviously vague as you and I don't use the same apps, times, lengths, of anything that measures battery life. But since I get around 7 hours of battery life on my Surface Pro OG, I'll take another 3.5 to four hours before a charge any day. I may just have to wait until those batteries come down in price.   Second gen battery cover will have backlit kb and cost about half as much one day.
  • You get 7 hours of battery life on your Surface Pro 1?!!! Is that just leaving it sitting there doing nothing on it? I can't get it to go beyond 5 hours (if I'm lucky and it's in a good mood) with just web browsing, document writing and the occasional feed apps. Please tell me your secret?
  • You still can't order the 512GB Pro because they probably made just two units, not expeting to find enough crazy individuals who would pay the $900 premium over the 64GB version.  
  • The 256 gb isn't available either, and it's not just the ssd size, it's the extra 4 gb of Ram.
  • where is the marketshare!!!!
  • $200 is insanely overpriced, just like the normal covers are overpriced at $130; add to that the removal of backlight and only available in Black and it adds further to the stupidity of a $200 price tag. Microsoft will crash and burn on this overpriced crap. Definitely not worth $200, and I feel sorry for the people in many EU countries where it's going to be 25% more expensive because of VAT and because of Microsofts conversion rate of $1=€1.  
  • Yup, an entire multinational corporation with 16 different billion dollar businesses will crash and burn over a few overpriced accessories (which, to be fair, you will probably find on sale pretty soon anyway). These comments keep getting more and more ridiculous.
  • The model that didn't sell well was the Surface RT which isn't even compatible with the power cover. stop spreading FUD
  • Thank you.
  • actually ouch!
  • I'd rather have a cheap adapter that lets me charge the battery from a standard microUSB battery pack.
  • Indeed...
  • would be great to see if microsoft could also make a calbe adapter for the charging port. Currently things are a bit bogged down. Unfortunatley the usb port doesnt double as a charging port.
  • The advantage of the Power Cover over charging from a battery pack is that this would actually sustain the battery life of your Surface. With the power cover, power is depleted from the cover first. And when it's plugged in, it charges the Surface first and the cover second. That means fewer power cycles on your Surface. You could greatly extend the battery life of your device by pairing it with the Power Cover.
  • That's a great point.
  • I'd love to get one of these. But... I can't justify dropping $200 on it.
  • When you least it as getting a type cover plus battery, its a $70 price difference. $200 is a tough pill to swallow if you know you'll be near an outlet the majority of the time.
  • The problem with that is 99% of existing Surface owners already wasted $130 on a type/touch cover so that marketing justification is only relevant to new adopters. And it does not make the $200 price tag any more sane.  
  • The price is up there but I think its worth it.
  • Agreed
  • I would agree to this price is the sales pitch would be that the battery would boost the battery up to 100%.
  • i agree too. for anyone complaining about the price.   you probably don't need it it will come down in time.   wonder if anyone else will make one also.   i'll be getting one.    
  • Why have they done the stupidish thing in the world and removed the physical clicking trackpad from Type Cover 1, it's impossible to click and drag otherwise. Had to take a Type Cover 2 back and buy a Type Cover 1 on eBay
  • Yeah I HATE the trackpad on the type cover 2, I bought one for my wife not knowing they had done that - now she's using my type cover 1 and I'm stuck with the 2, lol.
  • Funny, I hated the design of the original Type cover because of the single piece mechanical trackpad. I preferred the touch cover. When the Type Cover 2 a trial and preferred the new design.
  • Yeah i find using the original type cover while out and about, the slightest flex in the keyboard clicks the mouse. The type 2 takes a bit to get used to, but it really isn't that hard to use. You use it the exact same way as 1, but just don't get the button click
  • I have a Surface Typecover 2 and Arch Touch Mouse | Surface Edition for the same price as the Powercover. So, thanks but no thanks.
  • The selling point of this cover is the added power, which you don't get from the type cover 2/arch mouse combo so the fact that it's the same price isn't really relevant.
  • $200. Oh my. C'mon Microsoft, you have to price aggressively, not luxuriously.
  • I am so getting this. If it is true about the track pad not being clickable like the type cover 1. It might be a deal breaker Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • It would be worth it if you have the Surface Pro first gen.  The battery life on that thing is absolutely awful.  But the Surface Pro 2 does awesome on battery and the Surface 2 RT is even better.  Very small market for this accessory I think.  Expensive, no backlight, not really necessary.  It won't be a big seller.
  • Would love this for my Pro, but for $200 must have backlit keys. Right now - no sale Microsoft.
  • How are you shocked at the 70% number? Wasn't that stated since the beginning? The surface pro/pro 2 battery is 42Wh and the power cover is 30Wh, so pretty much 70% :). Conversely, with a Surface 2, the internal battery is 30Wh, so the power cover will give 100% battery increase :D
  • No backlight, no buy...
  • Wear a head lamp. Or turn the brightness up. Or both.
  • Might be worth it if they take the previous cover and then we have to pay only 70 bucks to get the new cover. Otherwise I won't even consider dropping $200 just for better battery performance.
  • Oh my God.. $200.. I live in Sweden, I don't even want to imagine what the price in Swedish crowns could be.. Might grab it from since I was waiting for this before I grab a keyboard..
  • I know the feeling.. Bought my type cover from Germany and my dock from US..
  • Much cheaper in dollars. Got any specific websites to suggest or just amazon for you too?
  • Love my backlit touch 2 cover and have an RT so clearly I don't need extra battery life even if this would work with an RT, which it won't. All day battery life is good enough. Having said that for the Pro, or Pro 2 user it would be a great add on, if it had backlit keys. Why did the leave that out?
  • Not backlit??? That really sucks!!! I was really looking forward to this keyboard now I have to think about it
  • It was stated from the start that it didn't have it
  • I know but I sort of forgot about it....ordered it about half an hour ago ;)
  • Nice. I'm hanging to get one in Australia
  • Hope you get it soon SURFer ;-)
  • If it had backlight id buy. Why o why. Someone needs fired. I need a new job. Manager would do. Id sort it out in a flash. No back light indeed
  • That's about an extra 4 hours for Surface Pro, and 7 for Surface 2. Not bad
  • That would imply you are currently getting 6+ hours from a surface pro?
  • I'd buy if I had the Surface 2. Yes its a bit pricey and will probably come down. After using the 2520 keyboard I would had easily paid the $149 tag for it. This would be no different for me. I thought I would had cared for the backlit keys but I grown accustomed without so no big deal, although on this the price would had been more justifiable. And your welcome Michael.
  • No necessary to get one for the Surface 2 since we are getting already 10+ battery life.  
  • Great to hear buy that price is kinda high. :/
  • MS has to get a new price estimation system, they can't continue to price simple accessories for above $100-200 and expect ppl to line up outside their stores. First of all, its just a cover charger, no backlighting. Might've taken the sting out of the high cost if all the stops were pulled. Secondly, the MS stores don't currently offer financing, so forget me dropping $1600 for the Surface Pro 2 + keyboard. MS Almost has it, but sometimes it's just the simple things. YOU'RE NOT APPLE, WE LOVE THAT BUT don't charge us like you are. Thanks.
  • Hopefully they do a better deal with a bundle. I am now torn with the trackpad issue people have been pointing out on this thread. Waiting for my Type Cover 2 to show up this week.
  • My surface pro is an awesome device but in the best of situations I get about 4 hours of battery life. More often its about 3.5 hours. That still beats any laptop I have ever had but I take it so many more places I still wish it was better. The pro 2 has about 60% better battery life, due to Haswell, but the Surface pro still packs plenty of power and even though its a year old, replacing it seems wasteful. The battery cover might be a luxury at $200, but it is certainly worth a premium over the type cover and about $800 less that a 128gb pro 2. I was just at the Microsoft store today and they didn't know when the power cover would be available. I wonder if it will fit in the dock like the type cover? I thought the $200 cost of the dock was steep but that device is a pure joy. I have it in my office and it saves me about 5-10 minutes a day, and my battery is always topped up. Highly recommended, works as advertised. I would expect the same from the battery cover. The $200 probably feels a lot more reasonable after the fact than it does going in.
  • This is going to help my Surface Pro last until the Surface Pro 3 is released. Brand new I got a solid 5 hours, according to my battery report its only 3:45 now. (charged just about daily).
  • Ms killing the surface market themselves.
  • This is more than priced fair. They squeezed a sizeable battery into something smaller than 10mm??? And people are wanting this for what?... Free? $100??? Maybe $129??? Lol!!! That's quite funny. Given the engineering necessary to keep the weight down, keep it slim and still manageable for those carrying a surface/pro around, is definitely a feat. This all comes at a price. This is why alot of things haven't flourished or moved into a more technological space, because everyone wants something for free basically. If the original Type Cover 1 & 2 are $129, you mean to tell me nearly tripling your battery life isn't worth $70??? Mophie sells their Juice Packs for the same price on cell phones. Logitech sells some iPad keyboard cases close to this price. Yeah, a cheaper price is always better, but I'm not under the thinking that this should be less than $199, considering what it does and the regular covers price. I'll take two!
  • Well said. Somebody has some sense about this!
  • Finally some common sense!
  • Spot on!  For an extra $70 over the original Type cover and extend my Surface to last a Working Day, I'm all over it.  When do we see it available in Australia though?  And just in time for the Freedom I can take the Power Cover option :D
  • My thought exactly.
  • For 200 dollars which will eventually be the equivalent of 200 euros in europe, I cannot fathom the scale of the price for the promised capacity. Even the salespitch of a "70% boost" is something I still want to wait and see what this tempting number actually means in real life. I think if they want to go for this price, I do not understand why they couldn't make a second larger capacity battery that would support a "100% boost". I understand the design and weight issues. But at the end of the day and in the long term functionality will start nagging at you over design, and the weight issue will be less of a deal.I would easiy shell out a bit more money for a better power cover than 200 dollars for a battery that only promises 70%.
  • $200 is fine.  This is technology from Microsoft, not some cheapy 3rd party. Like they can literally update their Surfaces to work better with these things, and if necessary could do it again.  Seriously.  I bet most of the people who complain about their pricing believe that Microsoft makes all their computers.
  • I will add that backlighting would have been nice. Definitely not a deal breaker. I'm only assuming that whatever little diodes were used for the lighting, couldn't fit with the battery pack and still keep it slim. If not, then the complaints would have been about MS making the cover too bulky OR if that actually did achieve both features it costing more and then we wouldn't have anything to talk about. Everyone would be up in arms that it cost like $225. Smh.
  • There is a chance I'd pick one up. I will wait for a deal though. Surely, in a few months they will be around $150.
  • The lack of backlighting actually is the only thing turning me away from this. Hopefully the Power Cover 2 will have it.
  • Noice
  • Put a hinge on it to turn it into a proper laptop, and I'll think about it for $200
  • This fails as hard as the $200 docking station
  • I have the dock and it is absolutely worth $200!
  • An extended battery for $70 over the other keyboard isn't bad, but I wish it came in more colors. If it came in cyan like my current one, I would sell mine and get this. Having another few hours of battery life for my SP would be great. I'm not sure why people are complaining so much about the price. If it was a $200 battery, I understand that is stupid, but when they're already charging $130 for the keyboard, its not a huge increase.
  • 1) What does "thanks to a collection of patience from Surface users" even mean? I hardly think Surface user patience created the cover.  That is either unintelligible gibberish or stunningly arrogan andt self absorbed. Either way, get an editor. 2) You might not notice the weight but many would since it pushes the combination up to ultrabook levels. Again, incredibly self absorbed to simply state no one would notice....  
  • My xps 12 is about 3lbs but I don't care. Or if my 920 weighs 185g. People will get accustomed to it. Incredibly adaptable.
  • Hmmm... Just re-read the article, and I thought it said that both the original type cover and the new power cover weigh .55 pounds. So it is incrementally no extra weight. The Pro itself is 2 pounds, so when you are using it as a laptop for long durations (keyboard/extended battery attached), which would be the purpose of a battery cover, you are still only at 2.5 lbs. Most ultrabooks weigh in the 4 pound range, so its much lower than that. Still, I don't know of many people that find ultrabooks too heavy, so I don't understand the complaint. The battery cover doesn't even have to be attached if you are simply using the Pro as a tablet. This is a purpose-driven accessory. If weight is your primary concern, you have probably already moved on. If you need a longer battery life and are using the Pro as a laptop replacement, I think its fair to say that you won't notice the extra eight ounces. If this was an Apple product, it would be $399 and people would wait in line for it. It is okay to accept it.
  • The fact that it won't have backlit keys is a deal killer for me. However, I really don't need more than 4-6hrs of use on the battery. Glad to see it finally released. Getting 70% more battery on a surface pro is impressive though.
  • De