The Surface Pro 3 patch for its battery drain bug is in testing

Surface Pro 3
Surface Pro 3 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has finally confirmed it is testing a patch for the Surface Pro 3 that should fix the fast battery drain issues some owners have been experiencing for the past several weeks.

In July, many owners of the tablet began reporting online that its battery was experiencing a faster-then-normal reduction in its charge. Microsoft previously stated it hoped it could be fixed with a software patch and now a message on its support forum from the company has some good news:

Thanks for your patience as we've worked though the details here. We can now confirm that this Surface Pro 3 battery capacity question is not a hardware issue, but one that can be addressed with a software update. Our team has been working on, and is now testing, an update that will address this. We'll publish the update as soon as it has passed our quality assurance process. For now, you should not consider replacing your device as an update is pending.

We will post up word when this patch is released to the public.

John Callaham