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Surface Pro LTE still on track for 2017 launch (updated)

Updated October 23, 2017: In a statement to Windows Central, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that the Surface Pro LTE is still on track to be released in 2017. "Surface Pro with LTE will be available later this year. We will have more to share regarding specific timing and market availability in the coming months," the spokesperson said. The original story follows.

At a session during Microsoft's Ignite conference in late September, Microsoft indicated that the LTE version of its latest Surface Pro would go on sale on December 1. Now, it looks like the device may not arrive until next year.

As spotted by Neowin, the following bit of text briefly appeared on Microsoft's Surface Pro store listing (opens in new tab), indicating the Surface Pro with LTE will be available in spring 2018:

When will LTE be available?The new Surface Pro with LTE will be made avaiable [sic] for purchase at retail Spring 2018. We're excited to bring you a Surface Pro that is now faster, lighter, quieter, and more connected than ever.

The text has since been removed, which raises more questions. It's possible that the addition was a mistake, but it's equally possible that someone simply posted the information before it was supposed go live.

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Microsoft originally announced that it would eventually launch an LTE model during the Surface Pro's initial reveal event in May. Since then, it has been relatively mum on the topic, outside of its mention at Ignite 2017. When it does arrive, LTE is only expected to be available with the Intel Core i5 variants of the Surface Pro. While the Surface 3 had an LTE option, this will mark the first time that LTE has been available on a Surface Pro model.

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  • At this point, people are probably more shocked when Microsoft delivers on time (or at all), than when Microsoft delivers late. 
  • Let's hope this also comes with an update to Coffee Lake & Thunderbolt 3. Otherwise, it's all for nothing.
  • Every version of Windows was given a ship date, and it shipped on that date. Every Surface was given a ship date, and shipped on that date. Every Xbox was given a ship date, and shipped on that date. Every release of a major piece of software has shipped on the expected day announced. But if there was a problem that kept this from being shipped on the date they stated and held it back to fix the problem, then you would be here screaming about delays. If they released it anyway, you would be screaming about releasing an unfinished product.  It is a no win situation.
  • The Fall Creator's Update and the Creator's Update may have shipped "on time" but both were missing key features that Microsoft previously demonstrated and/or said would be part of those respective launches (e.g. Files On Demand, People Hub, Groove Music Maker, Story Remix, 3D Capture, etc.). Both updates will also take months to actually reach most people.
    It is what is, and Microsoft can't ship stuff that isn't ready, but don't pretend Microsoft never over-promises and under-delivers.
  • Yep...their slogan is not "COMING SOON™" for ***** and giggles!
  • Except scalebound
  • Nothing new here. Same old bull coming out of Microsoft lead by a admitted failure at giving the consumers what they ask for.
  • Bummer, I was hoping to snag this on Black Friday :/
  • Black Friday 2020 you should be good to go.
  • Lately I'm having difficulties believing anything Microsoft says through its spokespersons. They lied about their Windows 10 Mobile plans, they lied about commitment to continue to build smartphones.
  • So the original language was for WOA because it was "...faster, lighter, quieter, and more connected than ever...." Obviously not an Intel based device. Since there's a whopping 68 days left in 2017, we'll be getting a pre-midnight 12/31 surprise announcement of the low end i5 fanless Surface pro with the standard 8gb ram and 256gb ssd to tide us over until WOA in Spring 2018?
  • Hopefully att sells them my surface 3 is no longer carried so once it's gone it's gone. Next plan for a surface pro like a dream