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What you need to know

  • Microsoft will roll out a fix to allow the Surface Pro X to update the Surface Dock's firmware.
  • Currently, the Surface Pro X works with the dock but can't update the dock's firmware.
  • Microsoft states that "a new version of Microsoft Surface Dock Firmware Update will be released within the coming weeks."

Microsoft will ship an update "within the coming weeks" that will allow the Surface Pro X to update the firmware for the Surface Dock. At the moment, Surface Pro X devices can connect to the Surface Dock but cannot update the dock's firmware. A techcommunity post from Microsoft adds more details about the current limitations and Microsoft's plans to fix the issue.

If you try to update a Surface Dock's firmware using a Surface Pro X right now, you'll see an error message stating, "This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor." The issue is caused by the Surface Pro X running on an ARM64 processor. To fix the issue, Microsoft needs to do engineering work and ship out a new version of Microsoft Surface Dock Firmware Update.

Should you buy a Surface Dock for your Surface Pro X?

If you want to update your Surface Dock's firmware before this fix comes out, you'll have to grab another Surface device, update the dock's firmware using that device, and then use the Surface Dock with your Surface Pro X.

Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft Surface Pro X

Thin and light

Surface Pro X represents a major overhaul in design for the Surface Pro lineup. Packing an ARM processor and LTE connectivity, it's built to get things done on the go.

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