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Surface Pro X, Laptop 3, and Pro 7 shown off in slew of new ads

The Surface Pro X
The Surface Pro X (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

Microsoft's latest Surface lineup debuted on October 2, and now the devices are taking their turn in the spotlight. Microsoft has released eight new ads for the PCs, all covering the new Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 7, and both Surface Laptop 3 models.

The ads feature a mix of people using the devices and renders showing off their features. You can check them all out in the gallery below:

The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 are expected to launch on October 22 and are available to preorder now. The ARM-powered Surface Pro X, which is a more radical overhaul of the Surface formula, is expected to launch a little later on November 5 and is up for preorder starting at $999.

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  • Yeah man. Let's celebrate TV commercials. Seriously. I have 500 channels. I have not seen a TV commercial in many years.
  • Sure you know commercials, they're those things that tell you it's time to switch to a different YouTube video.
  • This is a dissappoing adicle!
  • How ironic, not everyone is a winner.
  • Wow nicely done. Tempted to upgrade to the surface pro 7
  • 1) There was an ad put out by Microsoft....2)an article was written.....3)some people got mad. Choose the most ridiculous option.
  • Simple, short and well done.
    I think they need to do focus on 2 or 3 defining feature of Pro X
    Battery Life, Processing Prowess, The front-facing Camera new feature, Lightness,-slim and gorgeous, Inking, Win 32 Apps support.
    They can all these 5 and bullet them at the end.
    5seconds each plus bullet 5 seconds = 30sec total
  • Anyone know if Google Chrome web browser is compatible with the Surface Pro X?
  • The 32-bit version can run on it, same with the 32-bit Edge beta. Chrome (and Chromium) have been compiled for 64-bit Windows ARM, neither are out yet though. The release of the Pro X will probably add some fuel to that fire. If program compatibility is an important factor, you'll want to hold off on the Pro X for a year or two.