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What you need to know

  • A new firmware update is available for the Surface Pro X.
  • The update improves usability and performance.
  • Microsoft Your Phone can now make and take calls through Surface Pro X.

Microsoft's Surface Pro X has a lot going for it, but one overlooked area where it was lagging is Your Phone support. As we reported in March, Surface Pro X was unable to make or take calls through Your Phone without it being garbled and incomprehensible. That promised fix now appears to be available.

A new "hardware update" is rolling out through Windows Update for Surface Pro X. Our test machine is on the Windows Insider Release Preview, so it could mean this update is not rolling out for production yet (indeed, there are no notes on Microsoft's update tracker).

The new firmware, which is referred to as "System Hardware Update – 5/14/2020", refreshes the following on Surface Pro X:

  • UEFI: 3.462.140.0 goes to 3.477.140.0
  • SAM: goes to
  • Wi-Fi Driver: 1.0.860.0 goes to 1.0.1020.0

Likewise, Your Phone updated to version 1.20051.88.0 and, when combined with new firmware, allowed us to make calls clearly through Surface Pro X (we tried yesterday without much success).

It's likely those updates also address other bugs, or bring further refinements to Surface Pro X, but we'll have to wait until Microsoft gives details to know more.

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