Microsoft: Your Phone calling support expected for Surface Pro X in April

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Galaxy Z Flip Surfaceprox (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

If you have a Surface Pro X (five of us do here at Windows Central) or any Windows 10 on ARM PC, you may have noticed that the calling support in Your Phone doesn't quite work. The feature for Windows 10 on ARM often results in phone calls coming through distorted rendering it effectively useless (all the other Your Phone perks work as expected).

The good news is if you have experienced this effect, even with the latest and greatest phones from Samsung, you're not alone. Your misery may also be ending soon.

We asked Vishnu Nath, Partner Director of PM at Microsoft Mobile and Cross-Device Experiences, about plans to fix this and the team is on it:

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Microsoft is currently testing Your Phone with Surface Pro X, and they expect an April time-frame in fixing phone calls with Your Phone.

Windows 10 on ARM presumably has some different audio and Bluetooth drivers, which is Qualcomm based versus the typical Intel ones found in most PCs. It makes some sense that devices with less market penetration are a bit behind the curve for support.

Additionally, we have reported that Microsoft's Surface Duo dual-screen Android phone could be released as early as this summer instead of the late 2020. The Surface Duo and Surface Pro X would make a killer combo when you include Your Phone, so Microsoft would be wise to have it all lined up later this spring.

Your Phone Z Flip

Source: Windows CentralYour Phone running on the Surface Pro X with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Of course, dates slip, and April is a wide window. But if you want the ability to make calls through your Surface Pro X that will be happening sooner than later.

Microsoft's Your Phone app has been getting a lot of attention lately. Copy and paste recently arrived along with RCS messaging, and there is a new feature that blacks-out your phone's display when mirroring on PC to save battery life.

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  • I have a Galaxy 8 and I can't see Call or Phone Screen options on my ProX. Is it a bug, limited on my G8 or limited on my SPX? I never considered it was a limited to the SPX.
  • Not sure, could be either or. Requirements for calling feature are: Android Phones 7.0 or higher Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth radio Requires 19H1build or newer Requires minimum Windows 10 build 18362.356 Phone Screen is limited to certain modern Samsung phones (and OnePlus), but the S8 is on that list.* *S8 is not on that list, just Note 9/S10 and later.
  • The S8 is actually not on the list for phone screen, as far as I know.
  • Ah, you're right complete list of supported phones is found here.
  • The S8 and the OnePlus phones were supported before they changed the implementation away from the Bluetooth LE one in favor of the "Link to Windows" one.
  • Ah. Because min S8 worked briefly I think when I had a Preview version. I uninstalled the Preview assuming the feature would eventually return and it never did. Disappointed. Oh well. Guess that's something to look forward to when I get a Duo, assuming COVID19 doesn't delay it perpetually.
  • "It makes some sense that devices with less market penetration are a bit behind the curve for support." But the astronomically high price holding back sales is a good thing! Should we start counting the days until WoA is no longer supported? We now know it requires additional work for Microsoft to support and they aren't interested in doing that work up front. If they ever release W10X, what point will WoA have?
  • Guess you've not bothered looking how expensive the MacBook Pro 16" is then? :-/. Note a hell of a lot more. Windows 10X and WoA are different things :-/ :-/
  • The MacBook Pro is a full PC, as overpriced as it is, it isn't limited. WoA and 10X seem to be targeting very similar markets, users with lighter computing needs. Why would Microsoft need both? Split their already small market?
  • No one is interested in or values your hot takes.
  • "devices with less market penetration" Sounds like my values are shared. These devices aren't selling. You think the insane price point isn't a major factor? You really think it is just my "hot take" instead of just an obvious statement of fact? You can literally buy 4 iPads for the price of the SPX! How do you justify your support for Microsoft making obviously poor decisions and sinking another platform?
  • Daniel Rubino: Oops, I would not expect that type of negative quite tacky response from you.
  • I recall Your Phone was to show up on iPhone sometime. Has that been officially dropped?
  • So... The new trend is going to be pc calling, with a connected phone... But without the actual phone being used as a phone anymore. Just like messaging one another, whilst the other just sits across the table from you, messaging you back. Interesting world we're moving into. Social distancing, or a more socially connected world?