Surface Studio 2 hands-on: A powerful and impressive upgrade (video)

Surface Studio fans weren't left out in the cold with this week's sweeping refresh, with Microsoft announcing the new Surface Studio 2. And while it may look largely the same on the outside, Microsoft has made some key upgrades to the internals that make this a much more powerful option than the original.

Most notably, the Surface Studio 2 can now be equipped with up to an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 for graphics. The PC has also stepped up to Intel's 7th Gen Core i7-7820HQ processor. Both are major upgrades over the GTX 980M graphics and 6th Gen processor included on the first Surface Studio.

The screen has also been upgraded to have punchier colors and deeper blacks, and Microsoft has added a USB-C port around back.

For more on the new Surface Studio 2, check out our full hands-on video above. If you're ready to order one for yourself, the Surface Studio 2 is available to preorder starting at $3,500 (opens in new tab) with a November 15 shipping date.

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  • How much perf difference is there between 1060 6GB and 1070 8GB? Also, which configuration contains the 1070? The middle config as well?
  • The i7-7820HQ is still a mobile CPU I'd much rather it was a desktop class CPU with thunderbolt. iMac's might not have a touch screen but they have a desktop CPU and that is what the Surface Studio is competing with. The mobile CPU really puts me off wanting one. It should be at least an option.
  • Yeah me too, that processor puts me off too. Might as well buy a Intel Nuc with an external eGPu and a good 4K monitor and save a few bucks.