Surface USB-C adapter now available for $79.99

The time has finally arrived: Microsoft's USB-C dongle for Surface devices is now available for $79.99. If you own a Surface Laptop or the newest Surface Pro, you can snag the adapter now to add a USB-C port to your PC.

The adapter connects to the Surface Pro and Surface laptop via the Surface Connect charging port. From there, you can use the added USB-C port to power your Surface, or use it to connect to external displays and other devices.

"Simultaneously connect, charge, and display on large monitors with universal USB-C docks," the dongle's description reads. "Charging power requirements: 27W or greater, 12V minimum. Supports data speeds up to USB 3.1 Gen 1. Supports connected displays up to 1 x 4K at 60Hz or 2 x 4K at 30Hz."

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It's likely we'll see USB-C ports make their way to more Surface family devices in the future. But if you own one of the current Surface Pro or Surface Laptop configuration, this is your only way to add one to your setup right now.

The Surface Connect to USB-C adapter is available from Microsoft for $79.99.

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