T-Mobile announces Year of Rewards

HTC and T-Mobile have announced a "Year of Rewards" program that will run from January 20th to March 23, 2010. While the program's eligibility window falls way short of being an actual year, the rewards and discounts being offered aren't too shabby.

When you buy and activate an T-Mobile Shadow, Touch Pro 2 or Dash 3G you can receive up to $500 worth or discounts and rewards. New and existing customers are eligible. Once you upgrade or activate a new line customers simply go to www.yearofrewards.com and register. Then for the next twelve months (that's where the "year" comes into play) you will receive notification on how to claim your reward.

Rewards range from a $25 dining certificate from Restaurant.com to discounts on accessories at HTC.com. You can find all the details and fine print over at T-Mobile.com (opens in new tab)

Via TMoNews

Phil Nickinson

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  • Not a good offer really but at least finally T-Mobile has some official advertise for Touch Pro2 there! They were so involve to promote Google and their unfinish buggy Android that they forgot the have other great and better phones in their collection and this will hurt them for sure. Getting involve with Google too much will hurt you in future T-Mobile. Hope you learn your lesson with quick look at FireFox and Apple's (Another Evil Company) relationship with Google these days. T-Mobile don't beleive Google's "Don't Be Evil" idea. Because Google is evil and when the time comes you will pay for it.
  • You're talking to lemmings, dude. Most people don't think critically at anything that is trendy or fashionable. I heard someone recently liken Google to the Pied Piper and that's an excellent way to picture them. People would probably be more cautious if they'd think for just one second about how Google makes money. Profiling you and feeding you ads. Gosh, imagine being in the Google system for years upon years? No thanks. There will be apologist because they become emotionally attached to a brand, especially one that states "Do no Evil". However, again, they can't look past their own emotions to add it all up. Google says "just don't do questionable stuff" when it comes to privacy. Regarding marketing Google says "If you use our products, we already know who you talk to the most". Regarding the China embroglio, as much as I'm leary of China for multiple reasons including this, I also wonder why Google is not dog-fooding their own browser which is on version 4ish now, right? Why are they using IE 6 when version 9 is imminent? They make a big deal about censorship (as they should) but why do they take a strongs stand only AFTER they've been hacked? Google has 70% of the worlds data and is the major conduit to it. Doesn't that scare anyone? Lemmings... that's all I say.
  • I have to be agree with you on this. I think same thing apply to HTC as well. HTC has to be careful with their new relationship with Google as well. It's gonna hurt them at some points in future if they get more involve with Google and their product. Better to stop it here than get more involve. If Google plans go the way they want it, they
  • I'll admit, I was a big Google fanboy for a while. But when after a time when they went public, I started to wonder how they were raking in the cash. Then I started to become weary of them when they released Google Desktop. I was the system administrator for a small software company when everyone was downloading the tool. Well suffice to say, alerts came out about company documents were being indexed by Google. There toolbars are always phoning home. What gets me is that they don't anonymize the data the collect like Yahoo and Bing do, yet, no one blinks an eye. Who knows how honest they are with click throughs and stuff like that when dealing with advertising clients. Are they really getting their money's worth? hmmm, I'll let other fill in that dot. Also, while sitting on boards and whatnot, they would later come out with competing products doesn't seem cool. Who knows how much corporate data they collect. If I was sitting on boards and collected astonishing amounts of consumer AND corporate data, I would be able to come out with product announcements just before any of my competitors came out with stuff. Y'know, like the Nexus One. Heck, during the 2008 presidential election, I'd mark all the blogspot blogs for clinton and mccain marked as spam and shut them down. Maybe I could sit on the new president's economic council and gain important access... you know kinda like sitting on a board. Ok, i just remove my tinfoil hat for the day. lol
  • This means HD2 will launch on the 24. remember this what apple does with iPod get it free with a new mac ends the day before they anounce the one. I'm excited
  • No, Not Necessarily. Like you said that was APPLE not HTC...
  • Did I miss something or how exactly do you get Year of awards once you "qualify"? Assuming that T-Mobile is right.
  • it does seem that the the 23rd or 24th will be an HD2 luanch day. Spring starts on the 21st and I doubt that T-mobile will waste any time getting the new cash cow out the door or at least I hope so :-) I WANT my HD2!!!!
  • I live in south eastern ma and I'm going to the country music fest and i don't want to drive. I know the t has a stop at gillette but only for special events does anyone know if it will be running there tomorrow?