T-Mobile HD7 now on Wirefly for $169.99 ($529.99 off contract)--Updated!

Although you can get it through Amazon.com for the same price plus free 2-day shipping, if going with Wirefly is your thing, then here you go.

With a new 2 year contract, the HTC HD7 on T-mobile runs you a very fair $169.99 for the pre-order or if you want contract freedom, you can have it for $529.99.

Update: Price drop! Reader Saad lets us know that Wirefly has dropped the price to $149.99, undercutting Amazon.com by $20 and making us a little envious...

Source: Wirefly

Daniel Rubino

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  • Nice to see them poping up more and more online now. I need to find a good place to order one from in the EU though, who knows how long it'll take them to come to Greece normally, and I don't feel like waiting long.
  • Really wonder what is keeping Dell from giving some info on price and availability. They are going to let HTC corner the market with a mediocre phone.
  • They seem to be focused on Europe right now; lots of UK rumors about pricing and availability there. I imagine they'll turn their sights to the U.S. soon enough (but hopefully not too soon, just ordered a HD7, lol)
  • I think I'll get my HD7 from a tmobile store. I ordered a blackberry from wirefly before and it was a hassle when there is something wrong w/ the phone; you have to ship it back to them, they take a look at it, and then ship it back to you OR you can have them take $299 from your credit card, they send you a new phone, you send in the old one. just too much of a hassle.